ECLIPSER: Pathos Debut From Canadian Blackened Death Unit Out Now And Streaming Via Noise Salvation Records

Photo by Anndy Negative

Pathos, the debut full-length from Canadian blackened death unit ECLIPSER, is out now and streaming via Noise Salvation Records.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Topon Das’ (Fuck The Facts) Apartment 2 Studio and engineered by Scott Burniston, Pathos delivers an emotionally disturbing sonic landscape comprised of dense and transcendent atmospheres interrupted by frantic, anxiety-inducing riffs, blastbeats, and a multi-dimensional barrage of ravenous screams, blood curdling shrieks, and harsh guttural lows. Conceptually, Pathos is a cryptic and abysmal collection of bleak philosophies, exploring esoteric theologies such as hermeticism and alchemy. Laden with contrast between religious and blasphemous connotations and the overall notion that the human condition is something to overcome, the record is as pulverizing as it is thought-provoking.


View the band’s previously-released video for “Coagulation” below.

Pathos is out now via Noise Salvation Records, helmed in part by Topon Das, on CD and digitally. For orders, visit the label’s Bandcamp page at THIS LOCATION.

A name derived from the all-obscuring sound they produce, Ottawa, Ontario’s ECLIPSER spews forth a foreboding polarity of soaring melodies and nightmarish dissonance, coiled together to create a dreadful malaise of blackened death metal promised to starve the light of everything it touches.

“More than anything, there’s a sense that ECLIPSERs songs are always headed somewhere significant, that there is always a payoff… ECLIPSER offers a true extreme metal melting pot, showing obvious reverence towards their heroes without being afraid to test the limits of those influences just so…” – Last Rites

“With a vile atmosphere of misanthropy, the record heralds philosophies of abysmal strife and the futility of the human condition… Of this band’s many layers, their vocals are perhaps the most haunting and ungodly element: shrill, disturbing shrieks diverge from inhuman guttural lows to form a sort of infernal harmony that jarringly punctuates the pulsating wall of noise surrounding it.” – Invisible Oranges

“If moody, brutal, atmospheric blackened death is your thing, Pathos needs to be put into your little grim, frostbitten ear-holes.” – Sentinel Daily

“…an extremely promising debut from a band only two years into their career.” – Distorted Sound

“…a refreshing album that holds nothing back, delivering fiery punch after fiery punch until you are nothing but ash being carried away by a cold winter wind.” – Trve North Reviews

“Harsh dissonance assaults your ears with grim persistence, and corrupted, twisted melodies work their way out of the band’s filthy murk like poisoned streaks of dying light. Occasionally one of these melodies takes on a life of its own and evolves into a solo, screaming with energetic speed and in unpredictable directions. Wrapped up in a serving of decaying blackened riffs and foul, brutal auras, these songs batter you senseless with blunt force before breaking out their serrated claws to finish the job.” -– Wonderbox Metal