ECHTRA: Full Record Stream Brought To You by is currently streaming ECHTRA‘s Paragate in its entirety. The criminally underrated second full-length from Oregon’s favorite atmospheric blackened drone project was released earlier this year through China-based Temple Of Torturous Records. Check it out HERE.

Obliterating genre conventions in favor of the creation of an immersive soundworld, ECHTRA‘s Paragate integrates the distortion and vigor of black metal sonics with the resolve and earthiness of acoustic songcraft. Arpeggios swirl in etheric spirals, augmenting and negating each other in a dance of intimateness, rhythms altering and disappearing altogether as they herald of the stations of the Seeker’s peregrination.

“Paragate, of all the band’s output, is the most cohesive and single-minded work they’ve yet released. It’s an album that I’ve felt compelled to play multiple times over the last few days, and always late in the evening when there are few other distractions.” — Hellbound

“…those of you with a taste for drone bordering on nature-themed black metal will probably want to deeply investigate Paragate.” —

“…captivating and haunting. This is one of the few records that, if it was played live, I could actually imagine being done as a ritual…” — Don’t Sound On It

“The complexity of this album is remarkable… This album is full of ambience and emotion that completely draws you in. If you’re into doom metal but want something more avant-garde then you will want Paragate in your collection.” — Metal Assault

“It’s virtually impossible not to fall completely under Paragate’s spell once its sable claws have hooked your ears, sinking into its blackened primordial gloom that is at once angelic and devastating.” — Decoy Music