DREAMWHEEL: Shoegaze Duo Uniting Skeletonwitch Bassist And Eclectic Solo Artist To Release Redeemer EP On Nefarious Industries In November; Video For Title Track Premiered At Decibel Magazine + Preorders Posted

photos by Emma Matsuda

Nefarious Industries confirms the November release of Redeemer, the debut EP from European duo DREAMWHEEL, today issuing the record’s cover art, track listing, and preorders. Simultaneously, Decibel Magazine is hosting an exclusive premiere of the lead single, a video for the EP’s title track.

A floating tapestry of dripping arpeggios, soaring choruses, and driving rhythms come together in DREAMWHEEL, a new rock duo composed of long-time musical acquaintances and Europe-based artists Evan Linger (Skeletonwitch, Cultist) and Julia Gaeta (Madrigal, ex-Albez Duz, ex-Restless Ghosts, Light Of The Morning Star-live). During the chaotic introspection of the pandemic, the pair bonded over their American roots and mutual love of big ‘80s choruses, murky shoegaze, and indie rock.

DREAMWHEEL quickly unleashed a stream of sound fit for the times: Gaeta’s whimsical yet ever-present vocals swirl amidst Linger’s urgent guitars, resulting in a singular blend that draws from the ethereal loneliness of shoegaze, the romantic hooks of new wave and the cathartic attack of post-punk.

Although both Linger and Gaeta cut their teeth in the metal and punk scenes, DREAMWHEEL showcases their lighter touch – but one that’s no less potent. The duo has so far released two demo tracks on cassette, “Wild Days” and “Chain Of Fear,” which gathered attention from Decibel, Post-Punk, and fans of bands like DIIV, The Chameleons, and Siouxsie And The Banshees.

DREAMWHEEL is now set to release its first EP, Redeemer, the record exploring themes such as personal nostalgia, melancholy, buried memories, and the paradoxes of religious upbringing. With Julia Gaeta performing all vocals, and the guitars, bass, piano, and synth performed by Evan Linger, the duo is joined by James Stewart who provides drums, and Tom Zwanzger who provides additional percussion and sounds.

Redeemer was tracked by Torben Utecht in Berlin, Germany and Tom Zwanzger at Stress Studios in Graz, Austria, the latter also handling mixing duties, and the mastering was handled byJaime Gomez Arellano at Orgone Studios in Porto, Portugal. The EP’s art was handled by Nyle Rosenbaum featuring model Anahita Saifollahi, photography by Emma Matsuda, and layout/design by Joe Spagnuolo.

The band discloses with the premiere of the title track, “‘Redeemer’ is about being your own savior. It’s about a young girl who turns away from stifling ideologies, and who is then seen as the difficult or rebellious one. It’s a little bit of a coming-of-age tale, but also very much about a thrilling realization. Nyle Rosenbaum did our video and we think he captured the fever dream of having that type of epiphany during your youth.”

Decibel writes with the video’s premiere, “The pair got together during the pandemic and bonded over their American roots and love of big ‘80s choruses, shoegaze, and indie rock. Decibel premiered the earliest material and is excited to share the debut video for their new song, ‘Redeemer,’ from their pending eponymous EP. The song is both sad and sugary sweet with a Cocteau Twins/Chameleons vibe. It won’t please the neckbeard crowd, but those with good taste will dig it.”

Watch DREAMWHEEL’s “Redeemer” video first at Decibel Magazine now RIGHT HERE.

Redeemer will be released on limited edition 12″ Black Vinyl cut at 45rpm and all digital providers on November 10th. Find preorders/presaves and merch HERE.

Watch for additional previews of the record to drop over the weeks ahead.

Redeemer Track Listing:
1. Redeemer
2. Chain Of Fear
3. Promised Land
4. Bayou Rouge
5. Wild Days