DISSIMULATOR: Lower Form Resistance Debut From Montréal Death/Thrash Trio Formed By Members Of Chthe’ilist, Atramentus, And More Now Streaming; Album Out Friday On 20 Buck Spin

Lower Form Resistance, the debut from Montréal, Quebec-based technical death/thrash trio DISSIMULATOR, is now streaming in its entirety ahead of its release this Friday on 20 Buck Spin.

While DISSIMULATOR will be a new name to most in 2024, with the release of razor-sharp debut LP, Lower Form Resistance, the band unleashes an overwhelming future shock on the auditory and sensory nerves, permanently imprinting on the cerebral cortex with their pulsating unconventional attack. With the members’ combined resumes including Chthe’ilist, Atramentus, Beyond Creation, Incandescence, among others, the band executes its jagged sci-fi death/thrash with vicious intricacy.

DISSIMULATOR was created by guitarist/vocalist Claude Leduc, bassist Antoine Daigneault, and drummer Philippe Boucher. Over the forty-two-minute course of Lower Form Resistance, the jarring angular riffs, complex structures, and atmosphere of exuberant incongruity meshes acutely with a straightforward momentum and perpetual accessibility at the crossroads where the thrash and death metal scenes began to coalesce, and directional potentiality felt limitless. Add to this a Voivodian prescience of robotic sentience and technological doom and DISSIMULATOR’s vision makes for total immersion in their world-building enterprise.

The off-kilter and adventurous spirit of Lower Form Resistance that manages to sound fresh today while conjuring a certain spirit of 1988-1993 makes the DISSIMULATOR debut a mesmerizingly bizarre and gratifying dose of aggressive alacrity. Those who frequently scan the auditory output of Obliveon, Sadus, Voivod, Atheist, Hexx, Decapitated, Meshuggah, and other such technically audacious acts must set their sights on DISSIMULATOR.

With spoken words in “Outer Phase” and additional vocals on “Automoil & Robotoil” by Laurent Bellemare (Sutrah, Serocs), Lower Form Resistance was largely recorded by the band, the drums recorded by Xavier Berthiaume at Productions Tehom, with reamping, mixing, and mastering handled by Hugues Deslauriers at Roarrrsoundstudio. The album’s cover art was created by Jesse Draxler (Full Of Hell, Zola Jesus, Black Magnet), the logo formed by Charles Benoit, and the layout by Audrey Pasquini/Graphiste.

Claude Leduc writes with the album just days from release, “We’re thrilled to finally reveal DISSIMULATOR’s first record in Lower Form Resistance. The album features our first attempts at fusing the drive and energy of older thrash with the power and stylistic breadth of contemporary death metal. It’s an ambitious mix of old and new that is echoed in the album’s concept: A vision of life in thrall to the machine.”

Stream DISSIMULATOR’s mind-contorting Lower Form Resistance in its entirety now at YouTube HERE.

 Lower Form Resistance will be released on LP, CD, and digital formats January 26th. Find preorders at the 20 Buck Spin webshop HERE and Bandcamp HERE.

Watch for further updates on DISSIMULATOR to post in the months ahead, as the release of Lower Form Resistance is just the beginning for this monstrous outfit.