DISCOURSE: Closed Casket Activities Signs South Carolina Hardcore Quartet; Debut LP Confirmed For January Release

Columbia South Carolina-based quartet, DISCOURSE, has hooked up with Troy, New York-based hardcore label, Closed Casket Activities, for the release of their first LP, Sanity Decays.

DISCOURSE was formed in 2011. They released a demo in the Fall of that year and began touring locally and abroad. The band issued a Turmoil cover to a Casa de Diversion compilation including Twitching Tongues, Masakari, Heartless and more than thirty other acts in early 2012, and in the Spring of that year recorded two new tracks and pressed those and the debut demo tracks together via Headfirst Records and Bitter Melody Records. In the Summer of 2013, the band released the Curse of Consciousness 7″ through Mayfly Records, which was followed by two US tours. Additionally, the band has endured various East Coast and Midwest runs, touring with the likes of Code Orange, Twitching Tongues, Backtrack, Bent Life, Homewrecker, and Raindance and performed with the likes of the Cro-Mags, Earth Crisis, Nails, Xibalba, Power Trip, Incendiary, Mammoth Grinder and countless others.

In the Fall of 2013, DISCOURSE signed to Closed Casket Activities for the release of their debut full-length, Sanity Decays, joining the label’s brutal roster including releases from Twitching Tongues, Harm’s Way, Xibalba, Incendiary and Suburban Scum and many others. The band entered Bricktop Recording Studio in Chicago, Illinois in March of 2014 with Andy Nelson (Weekend Nachos) to harness the band’s destructive tunes, and in April tracked the vocals at The Jam Room with Jay Matheson in the band’s hometown. Nelson mixed the tracks and they were shipped to Audiosiege (Integrity, Nails, Tragedy) to be mastered by Brad Boatright. Sanity Decays‘ ten tracks elevate DISCOURSE‘s sound to devastating new levels, boasting a refreshing hybrid of jagged hardcore citing the likes of purveyors Turmoil, Indecision and Buried Alive with a vibrant approach that breathes furious punk rock energy with enraged, modern sensibilities.

Sanity Decays will see release via Closed Casket Activities on January 27th on 12″ vinyl and digital formats. Audio samples and more on the album are to be leaked in the coming weeks; in the meantime, the track listing and cover art crafted by Jesse Schaller (Skeletonwitch, Xibalba, Suburban Scum) have been issued.

DISCOURSE will be on the road heavily in the upcoming months in support of its release, with upcoming participation in F.Y.A. Fest the last weekend of December in Fern Park, Florida alongside the likes of Down To Nothing, Rotting Out, Incendiary, Code Orange, Cold World, Power Trip, Bitter End, Mammoth Grinder and over two dozen other acts. The first weekend of February, they’ll forge their way to Louisville for Mid West Blood Fest with Bitter End, Fire & Ice, Naysayer, Bent Life and dozens more.

12/27-28/2014 Orlando Live Events – Farn Park, FL @ F.Y.A. Fest
2/06-07/20015 Nelligan Hall – Louisville, KY @ Mid West Blood Fest

Stand by for much more on DISCOURSE in the coming days.

Sanity Decays Track Listing:
1. Cure
2. Time Pries
3. Losing Game
4. Maintained by Force
5. Failed Automation
6. Bars Surround
7. Another Wave
8. Nothing Fills the Void
9. Early Grave
10. Oblivion