DIMINISHING: Metal Injection Premieres “The Culmination Of Years Of Self-Abuse” Video; Debut Album From Yatsu And Gridfailure Members, The Unnamable, Nears Release On Anti-Corporate Music

Metal Injection is hosting the exclusive video premiere of “The Culmination Of Years Of Self-Abuse,” the latest single from harsh drone/post-industrial act DIMINISHING. The band is preparing to release its debut album, The Unnamable, later this month on Anti-Corporate Music.

Formed in 2019 by New York-based David Brenner (Gridfailure) and Texas-based Lane Oliver (Yatsu), DIMINISHING is a tense, emotionally devastating project that paints in shades of industrial, dark ambient, drone metal, noise, and more. On The Unnamable, semi-improvisational, destructive guitar work collides with haunting atmospherics, mechanical rhythms, and walls of cacophony to create a soul-crushing sound that resides somewhere between Godflesh, Nurse With Wound, Merzbow, Khanate, and Nine Inch Nails’ The Downward Spiral, while thematically exploring existential crises, anxiety in the face of the unknown, and personal failings.

The Unnamable was performed, recorded, and mixed by David Brenner and Lane Oliver, the dense tracks constructed with a wide range of vocals, guitars/bass, keys/synth, percussion, field recordings, and more. Mastering for the album was handled by Dan Emery at Black Matter Mastering (Kool Keith, Steve Von Till, Thetan), and the record is completed with photography, design, and videos created by Brenner.

Oliver reflects on the new single, “This song is about wasting years of your life tearing yourself down. It’s about trying to make up for that lost time by doing something worthwhile and meaningful, but ultimately succumbing to the delusion that time has run out for you. It’s about that vicious cycle of self-abuse that’s hard to break.”

Watch DIMINISHING’s “The Culmination Of Years Of Self-Abuse” video first at Metal Injection RIGHT HERE.

The Unnamable will be released on deluxe cassette and all digital platforms on June 16th. Find preorders at the Anti-Corporate Music shop HERE and DIMINISHING’s Bandcamp HERE. Watch the prior video for “An Emptiness” HERE.

Watch for additional updates to post over the weeks ahead.