CACHE: No Echo Premieres “Severance Package (Off With My Head)” Video; Eponymous Debut EP From Minneapolis Doom/Hardcore Punk Band Nears Release

photo by Luke Olson

As Minneapolis, Minnesota-based doom/hardcore punk outfit CACHE prepares to release their eponymous debut EP at the end of the month, No Echo is hosting the exclusive video premiere of the band playing “Severance Package (Off With My Head).”

Formed in 2019 and reformed in 2022 (pandemic woes in between), CACHE is a five-piece band from Minneapolis featuring members of current acts Serac, Blue Ox, Dana Sterling, and Kaldeket. Members have also previously played in bands such as Aziza, Morality Crisis, Maeth, and Saginaw. The output of CACHE is what you get when a sludge metal band steers away from the doom and gloom and writes a punch-drunk rock and roll record.

While emphasizing catchiness and fun, CACHE still employs the appropriate amount of knuckle-dragging associated with the genre, never sacrificing the sound of splitting heads. Influences cited include Floor, Torche, Karp, and Queens Of The Stone Age; bands that are as infectious and hook-laden as they are heavy and uncompromising. The result is a gleeful mix of ripping hardcore punk, stoner rock, and sludge metal, that can be gobbled down like a handful of candy spoils ripped from the entrails of a piñata beaten beyond recognition.

CACHE recorded their eponymous debut EP at Signaturetone Recording Studios (Thou, Ulthar, Sunless) in January of 2023, with Adam Tucker engineering, mixing, and mastering the project. The EP is completed with a watercolor painting by Bearach Coughlin as its cover.

“Severance Package (Off With My Head)” is delivered through a video of the band performing the track in the studio. Drummer Josh Dingel offers, “The theme of the song is about boredom and turning your brain off. I used to watch infomercials for fun when I was a kid – not sure what that says about me – so it makes sense that it’s the shortest and snappiest track on the record. I’m pretty sure we got it on the first take. It’s also a good encapsulation of our sound and my thoughts on creating music. I’m not into overthinking or ‘overwriting’ music. Doing the smartest stupid thing, rather than the stupidest smart thing, is best practice in my opinion. I’m usually going to be bored to tears by the latter, but the former is going to light up my lizard brain as both a player and listener. All of the songs on the record were originally written by me on bass with that in mind.”

No Echo writes, “In terms of influences, CACHE cite everyone from Torche to Floor to Karp in their press biography, which isn’t surprising when you hear their balance of grit and melody.”

Visit No Echo to watch CACHE’s “Severance Package (Off With My Head)” video RIGHT HERE.

The band will self-release the Cache EP digitally on June 30th, with a limited physical version to follow. Find digital preorders at Bandcamp HERE.

Watch for additional singles from the EP as well as a release show and more to be announced shortly.