DESALMADO: EP Details Confirmed; Full-Length Album Nears Completion

Florida-based Greyhaze Records this week confirms August 16th as the official release date for Brazilian grind outfit DESALMADO‘s Hereditas EP! Bearing six scorching tracks of the band’s rage-fueled, metallic grindcore in only 15 minutes, this potent mini-release will be made available as a 10″ vinyl EP as well as digital download.

Hereditas Track Listing:
1. Condenados Pelo Odio [Condemned By Hatred]
2. Em Sua Honra [In Your Honor]
3. Miseria Escravatura [Misery and Slavery]
4. Chagas Abertas [Open Wounds]
5. Manto De Sangue [Cloak of Blood]
6. Hereditas

Stated DESALMADO guitarist Estevam Romera: “To see this EP get a proper and official release is really a highlight for us as a band. We recorded it 4 years ago and it is finally getting the attention it deserves. To see it in vinyl makes it all the more special! We’re looking forward to the release.”

Hereditas is a precursor for DESALMADO‘s nearly-completed debut full-length, which is being produced by Jean Dolabella of Sepultura, also set for release via Greyhaze Records later this year. More info on the upcoming release will be announced in the sweltering weeks ahead.

Based out of São Paulo, Brazil, the act now known as DESALMADO already made quite a name for themselves throughout South America over recent years under the name El Fuego. After some revamping, the band are at their finest hour to date with the current lineup, actively devastating live audiences throughout Brazil and writing plenty of material. DESALMADO‘s crushing socio-political attack surges with stripped-down death metal strength, resulting in brutal, modern grindcore fans of Napalm Death, Kill The Client and Brujeria will not want to miss.