DEIVOS: No Clean Singing Streams Casus Belli Full-Length From Polish Death Metal Crew; Album To See Release Friday Via Selfmadegod Records

[photo by Marcin Studziński]

Selfmadegod Records this wee unveils Casus Belli, the monstrous sixth album by Polish death metal quintet DEIVOS. Ahead of the record’s official release this Friday, the entire album is now streaming early through an exclusive at No Clean Singing.

The bulk of DEIVOSCasus Belli, including guitars and vocals were captured at Zed Studio in Chechło Poland, where they recorded several of their prior albums. The drums were recorded at Roslyn Studio, and the bass at Kamil Home Studio. The record was also mixed and mastered at Zed Studio by Tomek Zalewski (Decapitated, Crionics, Thy Disease), and completed with album art by Maciej Kamuda (Sleep, Coffins, Pathology).

Offers DEIVOS‘ vocalist Hubert Banach, “The sixth album of pure death metal in DEIVOS interpretation… This time darker than before, but still with a technical eagerness, breaking by heavy slowing down, to gain speed after a while, like a falling bomb leaving nothing but ruins. You are the reason for this war. This is the Casus Belli presage of our Bitter End after the Nuclear Wind will blow us away.”

No Clean Singing writes in part, “jet-speed brutality is a mainstay in Casus Belli, fortified by the kind of jaw-dropping technical agility that brings to mind such bands as Suffocation, Cryptopsy, and Decapitated at their most turbocharged and hyper-athletic zeniths. The drum battery is blazing-fast and often represents a vivid facsimile of war-zone destructiveness, while the rock-crushing bass tones create a bone-mangling complement to the explosive drumwork. There’s also a livid, pulsating quality to much of the riffing, as well as plenty of moments of interesting rhythmic interplay among all the instruments. But another hallmark of the album are the eruptions of start-stop, mechanistic jackhammering that you can feel in your spine.”

Stream DEIVOS’ Casus Belli early at No Clean Singing RIGHT HERE.

Fans of Suffocation, Cryptopsy, Decapitated, Yattering, and similar acts are highly advised to check out DEIVOS. Selfmadegod Records will release Casus Belli on CD, including a limited boxed edition, and digital formats this Friday, November 29th. Find preorders at the label webshop HERE and Bandcamp HERE.

Watch for additional news to be issued in the days ahead.

Lublin, Poland’s long-running death metal outfit DEIVOS originated in 1997, releasing their first demo, Praised By Generations, in 1999. In 2003, they released the Hostile Blood MCD through Butchery Music, the EP enthusiastically accepted by the underground death community. In 2004, the band started to write new material for their first record which was ultimately recorded in January and February 2006 at the famous Hertz Studio (Decapitated, Vader). The record, entitled Emanation From Below, was released in Poland by Empire Records in November 2006. Thanks to Metal Mind Productions, in January 2008 the record was subsequently released in Europe and then in the US in 2008.

At the end of 2008 the band once again entered Hertz studio to record their second album Gospel Of Maggots, the album gaining the attention of Unique Leader Records who released it in February 2010. Following lineup changes, the band revisited Hertz Studio in February 2011 to record their third full-length effort, Demiurge Of The Void, which was also released by Unique Leader in September 2011.

Following a four-year gap, DEIVOS signed with Selfmadegod Records for the release of their crushing Theodicy album in February 2015. The band’s Endemic Divine album followed through Selfmadegod in February 2017, and the band’s more rapid recording and releasing schedule now continues in 2019 with the November 2019 release of their sixth album, Casus Belli.