DEAD REGISTER Unveils Dill-Do’s Via Kelly’s Death Pickles; Don’t Fail Me Out Now + New Album Due Late This Year

Following the recent release of their extended Don’t Fail Me single/EP in February, Atlanta, Georgia-based DEAD REGISTER has announced a new collaboration with local picklemongers Kelly’s Death Pickles for the limited release of the band’s own run of Dill-Do’s.

In a new alliance with Atlanta-based Kelly’s Death Pickles, an independent company who produces small batch, gourmet pickled products, DEAD REGISTER presents their own Dill-Do’s. The limited run of sour cucumbers will be available in the coming days via mailorder and locally, including at the May Day Market at Empire Arts Gallery in Atlanta this Saturday, May 1st where the band will be in attendance. Find more info HERE and get your own Dill-Do’s HERE.

DEAD REGISTER‘s most ambitious song yet, “Don’t Fail Me” comes to life through an intense live-action mixed-media puppet extravaganza which portrays the emotional depths of the song’s lyrical focus as an official music video. Crafted by Avril Che and M. Chvasta, this video marks the band’s fifth DIY visual production, and the band’s first ever foray into puppetry.

The single saw release through a maxi-single/EP which included three soundboard songs recorded live in Lafayette, Louisiana on the band’s 2019 tour – “Fiber” (Fiber LP), “Ender” (Captive EP), and “Circle Of Lies” from the band’s impending 2021 LP – and “Failed,” a remix of “Don’t Fail Me” by Lament Cityscape.

See DEAD REGISTER’s “Don’t Fail Me” puppet-action video HERE and stream the entire EP HERE.

The Don’t Fail Me maxi-single is available on CD, cassette, and digital through the band’s AVR Records. Find merch bundles and more RIGHT HERE.

DEAD REGISTER has completed their epic new full-length album and is currently looking for a label home to release the LP later this year. Watch for new developments and other announcements to post over the months ahead.

“We’ve described them as post-rock post-punk and deathrock doom, but none of those labels do this Georgia band justice. They’re creating a sound that’s their own, and it’s a pleasure to listen to.” – CVLT Nation

“…’Don’t Fail Me,’ even from the start, gives off a dark and sinister feel, a presence looming in the shadows. As the chorus drops in, it’s like a sledgehammer, and it really elevates the somber mood. It’s crushingly heavy during the chorus passages, and the vocal is absolutely perfect alongside the dark soundtrack.” – The Sleeping Shaman

“…purveyors of hefty, bass heavy stomps that feature soaring vocals and poignant melodies that touch as much as they rip… the trio pump out a hefty mix of their particular brand of Neurosis-meets-The Cure art doom, writhing through delicate arpeggios, subtle drums and Chvasta’s signature croon before building into a crushing, swirling wall of thick, throbbing bass and belted vocals.” – Nine Circles

“Together these songs make for some delightful listening that will keep devotees coming back, delighted with their discovery and eager to unveil more layers to the punishing crush of one of my favorite Atlanta bands.” – Two Guys Metal Reviews

“…DEAD REGISTER represents pretty much everything I look for when it comes to an enjoyable music-listening experience. They write intensely compelling and ear-wormy tunes… Literally everything they have released has managed to worm its way into my subconscious to a frightening degree.” – Sleeping Village Reviews

photo by Emily Harris