DEAD IN THE MANGER: Insidious Black/Grind Entity Prepares To Lash Out With Debut Full-Length

20 Buck Spin begins confirming the label’s massive 2015 release schedule with the announcement of Cessation, the anticipated upcoming debut full-length from mysterious entity, DEAD IN THE MANGER.

In early 2014, a damaging new musical force made itself apparent, when DEAD IN THE MANGER appeared seemingly from out of nowhere with their debut EP, Transience, a six-movement EP which brandished a monstrous blend of extreme metal with elements born of black/war metal realms as well as standards of the grindcore movement in a seamless and endlessly destructive alloy. The Metal Observer issued an 8.5/10 review of Transience, offering that the band had, “released one of the most original pieces of metal this year and you would be hard pressed to find a better example of a band forging into new territory,” and No Clean Singing championed the act, stating that, “what they do on Transience is fascinating enough despite its brevity, a genre-crossing creation that’s well worth exploring.” In a crushing 9/10 review of the EP, American Aftermath posted, “For the next twenty minutes, your existence will be plummeted into an abysmal void marred by raw, blackened ferocity and depressive auras,” and Metal Insider issued in part, “the EP is full of an impressive mix of black metal and sludge and a tinge of post-rock. It’s enough to leave you wanting a proper full-length…” And now that time is upon us, with the impending release of Cessation.

DEAD IN THE MANGER follows up the Transience debut with six new stages in the grief process, resolved in their adherence to dispiriting melodic atmosphere and frenzied black carnage, ever reaching upward yet inevitably pulled down into the mire. Whether grinding forth in a cascade of blinding black metal violence or cloaked in despondent post-rock gloom, Cessation leaves no space for hope, compelling the paradoxical embrace of suffering. As before, song titles, production credits, individual personalities and origins and all impertinent topical self-gratification remain trivial in service of the one true purpose for DEAD IN THE MANGER; internal disorder from external domination. The machinery of plutocratic slavery, churning and grinding the spirit of life until little remains but the last gasp of a doomed humanity, a cessation of the primal light in an absurdist nightmare.

On February 3rd, 2015, Cessation will hit on digital and vinyl release via 20 Buck Spin. The cover artwork, courtesy of Misanthropic Art (Secrets Of The Moon, Hooded Menace, Attic) has been issued alongside the virtually anonymous track listing in the meantime. Audio samples and further updates on the album will be released as the grim dawn of 2015 nears.

Cessation Track Listing:
1. Part I
2. Part II
3. Part III
4. Part IV
5. Part V
6. Part VI