DE MAGIA VETERUM + THE BEAST OF THE APOCALYPSE: Special Limited T-Shirt/CD Package Still Available Via Transcendental Creations

Formed in 2003, DE MAGIA VETERUM is the magickal creation of one Mories (Gnaw Their Tongues, Ophiuchus, Pompidou, Aderlating, Astral et al). Bearing only a small resemblance to his other musical endeavors, DE MAGIA VETERUM represents a far more chaotic outlet for the multi instrumentalist; one that prefers to communicate the grand mysteries of death and life through an utmost violent and mesmerizing medium. Over the span of seven years, the band has released three demos, two EPs and two full-length albums. In May 2009, Transcendental Creations released DE MAGIA VETERUM‘s Migdal Bavel debut which offered up 37 minutes of chaotic, raw, technical, esoteric black metal. On February 7, the label released its follow-up, The Divine Antithesis, which once again guides listeners through Samael’s seas of madness. This new album serves as a sequel to the piece of lunacy that was Migdal Bavel, with more intricate musical arrangements and patterns. simply called the record, “Harrowing,” while noted: “It would not be surprising for one to think that his record player has jammed as soon as the songs come on the speakers and it certainly takes time and repeated listens to get used to something as abrasive and seemingly mindless as this.”

Something inherently foul runs in the waters of the Friesland region of The Netherlands; it’s called THE BEAST OF THE APOCALYPSE. Henosis, their second offering of audio darkness seeks and explores the realm of the One, the Source, the Ultimate, that which the ancients called Henosis. H.T. Mozes and S. Serpentijn’s, raw-to-the-bone, primitive black metal is once again displayed in full-force and accentuated by passages of grandiose, celestial ambiance. The band dig deeper into the soil of past cults and ancient mystics’ interpretations of the mystery of Henosis. Moreover, each CD features a download card for the band’s unreleased The First Four Trumpets full-length. THE BEAST OF THE APOCALYPSE take the torch of veteran black metal bands Beherit, Samael and Archgoat and carry it proudly in these dark times of the new millennium. Said Wormwood Chronicles of Henosis: “To these guys, the fundamental truth of reality seems to be rooted in crushing waves of guitar distortion…the drone of total destruction, a void of pure sound.” agreed: “Henosis becomes quite a satisfying experience, if not a possessed one.” called the record, “…the aural equivalent of being held down and smothered, screaming for air yet no one ever hears you. Scary stuff,” while noted in a 4.71/5 rating of the record: “This is dense, propulsive, hypnotic black metal that is worthy to bear the name.”

A DE MAGIA VETERUM and THE BEAST OF THE APOCALYPSE limited T-shirt + CD run is currently available via Transcendental Creations, at a very low price of $25 a piece. In fact, the label’s entire catalog will be on sale until August 12, 2011. This includes massive discounts on vinyl, CDs and merchandise.

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