DARK FUNERAL Tour Diary Part I

In an official missive from DARK FUNERAL guitarist Lord Ahriman:

“Ave everyone! We have just completed two days of pre-production for the tour at Avenyn, which is a big theatre in the centre of Ludvika, Sweden. It went amazingly well. The set list we have put together this time totally kills. And I’m absolutely sure it’ll please both new and old fans. We have brought in several of our old songs that we haven’t played in ages, even some that we never even played live before. It’s also the longest set we’ve played live so we’re giving it all 666% this time around, which afterall is what our fans expect and deserve from us.

The stage design and setup we have put together is the biggest we’ve ever brought out on tour. And as you can see in the images, it looks phenomenally evil. Last night the tour bus came to pick us up. And once we had loaded all the gear and personal belongings we set the course straight to Skövde, where we’ll kick off the tour. — Lord Ahriman; DARK FUNERAL”

Pre-production setup for A Declaration of Hate – European Tour 2010. March 4, 2010:


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