D.I.S. Issue Roadside Update

Los Angeles extreme metallers D.I.S., who kicked off their US tour late last month, checked in from the road with a brief update.

“The shows are going really well. Only shredded one tire so far and no one has puked yet. Every city we’ve hit so far has been crushing. Killer bands, great people, weird smells…. one more week to go!” — Bruce Reeves; guitar/backing vocals

The band will rage through 6 more cities, including Belvedere’s Bar in Pittsburgh, PA w/ Circle Of Dead Children and Liquified Guts tonight before heading home where they will plot future live takeovers.

D.I.S. features current and ex members or Phobia, Exhumed, Mange, Impaled and Eat The Living and churn a crushing blend of Swedish influenced D-Beat, ripping metal, thrash and traditionally aggressive punk vocals. Their debut full-length, Critical Failure, was released in the US last month via Deep Six Records in as Power It Up in Europe. The 10-song record was tracked by John Haddad (Intronaut, Hirax, Abysmal Dawn, Winterthrall, Phobia Final Conflict etc.) at Trench Studios in Corona, CA and centers itself around issues of interpersonal struggle, blind capitalism and religious hypocrisy. Said CWG Magazine in a recent review of the record: “D.I.S. don’t really concern themselves with being original so much as handing you a musical ass kicking that will get you equally pumped for flipping those burgers or pushing those papers. Whatever it is you do day in and day out to the point of mindless monotony, these dudes have the adrenaline shot to make it that much less soul-crushing.”

D.I.S. Critical Failure Tour 2010 [remaining dates]:
6/01/2010 Belvedere’s Bar – Pittsburgh, PA w/ Circle Of Dead Children, Liquified Guts
6/02/2010 El Refugio De Los Sin Patria – Chicago, IL
6/03/2010 The Pi House – Lincoln, NE w/SFN, Mother Pile, Violator X
6/04/2010 Curtis Bar – Denver, CO
6/05/2010 Burt’s Tiki Lounge – Salt Lake City, UT w/ MDC, All Systems Fail, Nine Worlds
6/06/2010 Yayo’s – Las Vegas, NV w/ Life’s Torment, The Naturals + More