D.I.S.: Becoming Wrath Streaming In Full Via Cvlt Nation

In celebration of their record release show this weekend, the deviants at Cvlt Nation are currently streaming Becoming Wrath from West Coast d-beat militants, D.I.S. (Destroyed In Seconds) in its entirety! Fittingly dubbed a “scathing and feral beast of an album that delivers more than enough anger and energy while avoiding the trap of monotony quite well,” by Mouth For War, and commended for being “filled with aggressive anthems that will make you smash corporate skulls,” by Cvlt Nation, Becoming Wrath was recorded and mixed mid 2012 at Architeuthis Sound in North Hollywood by the band’s own Sean Vahle and is out now on Deep Six Records.

Break some pavement this weekend. Point your browser HERE.

The Becoming Wrath record release show will take place at The Vex in Los Angeles, California as part of the Warlord Underground Metal Market this Saturday; February 2, 2013. In addition to D.I.S., the Warlord Underground Metal Market will include live performances by Nausea, Naked Agression, Temple Of Dagon, Iron Fist and Doesn’t Matter and a throng of vendor tables featuring punk/metal shirts, clothing, records and art from Warlord Clothing, Deep Six Records, Poor Kids Radio, Lock N Shock, Lillith’s Vault, Ear Bangers Headphones, Haildeath Productions, M.A.V. Clothing, Keep It Heavy Clothing, Hatewar Productions, Rico Adair Creations, Chopos Brujos, Raven Chant Jewelry, Morbosidad, Crow Customs, Whipped, Baked and Sprinkled + artists: Martin De Pedro,Tony Koehl, Peter Han, Tom Denney + More! For more info, point your browser HERE.

Formed in Los Angeles in 2008 by original members of Phobia, Mange and Eat the Living, D.I.S.’ esteemed musical pedigree, experience and dedication spans decades. Their 2010 full-length debut, Critical Failure, which Metal Review compared towhat thrash legends D.R.I. would have produced if they were constantly injecting massive amounts of steroids into their bloodstream during recording sessions,” in an 8/10 review, quickly established the band as an unstoppable force with which to be reckoned. Song topics ranged from political indignity, religious strife to personal turmoil. The music, a crushing powerhouse of Swedish influenced D-Beat punk, mixed with ripping metal and thrash, backed by traditionally aggressive punk vocals. Following its release, the band tore up the local Los Angeles scene and West Coast before heading across the U.S. and finally to Europe, topping it off at the Obscene Extreme Festival where they systematically leveled a rabid crowd of stage divers and circle-pitting maniacs! Stay tuned for further tour action from D.I.S. in the coming months.

Much like doom, D-beat has been grossly overdone in recent years–sometimes well, far too often generically. The Los Angeles marauders of D.I.S., though, know how to take coarse, galloping crust and turn it into something almost symphonic. The group’s new full-length, Becoming Wrath, is proof: With buzzing intensity, foaming-at-the-mouth vocals, and even a bit of groove to its D-beat, the album injects thoughtfulness, tunefulness, and even a little majesty into the mosh-happy, spikes-and-leather subgenre.” – AV Club

“…the album is pretty tight, dishing up a good 30 minutes of crusty d-beat obliteration. If you’re a fan of bands such as Anti Cimex, Wolfbrigade, Disfear, Skitsystem and Discharge, D.I.S.‘s Becoming Wrath definitely has something for you to lose yourself in.” – This Is Not A Scene

“Just picture this and you’ll understand what D.I.S. sounds like: The crustiest dreadlocked dude on the planet wearing a black jean jacket vest covered in pyramid spikes and patches from bands like Iron Maiden, Agnostic Front, Bolt Thrower, Hatebreed, Dissection, Crude SS, Entombed, Judas Priest, State Of Fear, Darkthrone, Disrupt and lets not forget Discharge (of course), Disfear and all of the others with that infamous prefix. This crusty punk is in a room full of bald, sports jersey wearing meat-heads, punching the floor and ruling the pit. Sound confusing? Well, it is a little bit. But anything worth listening to is and “dis” album is definitely worth it!” – Godless Noise