CROSSS Debuts Video For “Descent” Featuring Brett Netson At Treble; SNAKES/CROSSS Split LP Nears Release Via Netson’s Scavenger Cult Label

Crosss photo

Treble is hosting a new video by CROSSS, created by the band for “Descent,” the closing track their upcoming split LP with SNAKES, the latter of which was founded by Brett Netson (Built To Spill, Caustic Resin, Earth), who supplies guitar to “Descent” as well.

Netson’s own Scavenger Cult label will release the CROSSS/SNAKES LP in early October. If you’re the kind of person that may have a cassette with Electric Wizard on one side and early ’70s Pink Floyd on the other, this record is to be trusted and eaten for long lasting results.

Netson offers, “CROSSS track #4 – Unearthed tape from the tavern near mining disaster shown on the cover as seen on Scavenger Cult SNAKES/CROSSS LP. This was the Høüse band… One song on the tape, labeled ‘Descent’.”

Issues Treble with their premiere, “The video for the noisy drone-doom track was self-made by the band, and features some grainy footage of telecommunications towers, trees, eerie neon signs and other strange imagery. It’s more than a little eerie, which seems appropriate as we head into fall and Halloween is just a month and a half away.”

Check out CROSSS’ haunting “Descent” video RIGHT HERE.

The SNAKES/CROSSS split see release on LP and cassette through Scavenger Cult on October 6th, marking the fifth release from the Boise, Idaho “scavengers.” Preorders will be available next week alongside a new video from the SNAKES side of the album.

Brett Netson has consistently delivered imaginative, powerful, and unique takes on the classic rock and roll language. As things come and go, Netson’s existential take on traditional rock may be doing him a disservice financially, but every project hits on a vitality and honesty that is timeless. Like the Scavenger Cult label, its ambiguous sense of timeframe can show us all that the politics of style are often useless constructs. Connecting with and trusting in Netson’s sonic adventures has so far, always yielded a real and healing effect (Caustic Resin’s The Medicine Is All Gone has been described as, “the best record to come down off acid to…”) SNAKES‘ A-side of the new split delivers two expansive tracks – “Old, Like Hell” and “Hypothermia Pt. 2” – which total more than twenty-five minutes of new material. In the last stages, Mell Dettmer made a tape master from Netson’s fabulous disaster.

CROSSS, originally from Halifax Nova Scotia, has been touring the US and Canada for the last several years but with only a few releases. The version of CROSSS heard here is a unique chapter in the band’s story, featuring an experimental hybrid drum kit, played by Susan Burke (The Beverleys), and bass from Michael Stein (Homebody). Captured for Scavenger Cult in mid-exploration and live-off-the-floor by wild man Brett Netson to 2″ tape, and mixed and mastered in a traditional A-A-A process, this release is a departure from the highly aestheticized previous release, Lo, and its precursor, Obsidian Spectre, bringing forth a timeless take on psychedelic riff and unnerving melody.