CROM DUBH: Heimweh Opus From London Epic Black Metal Outfit Playing At No Clean Singing As LP Is Unleashed By Ván Records

Heimweh, the monstrous and all-encompassing debut LP from London-based epic/melodic black metal horde, CROM DUBH, is now streaming in its entirety via No Clean Singing, as the album is now out through Germany’s cult label, Ván Records.

Merging melodic yet merciless black metal with folk and post-rock influences, CROM DUBH‘s debut full-length, Heimweh (meaning homesickness), continues the narrative of the band’s 2010 EP, Deifr, in which the gathering and dissolution of a great river operated as a metaphor for the rise and fall of nations and civilizations. Heimweh follows a similar narrative, albeit with a focus on the life of the lone individual within this tumult, following a traditional cradle-to-grave progression throughout the course of the album that runs parallel to Hesiod’s five ages of man. The album handles themes of loss, ruthlessness, nostalgia, exile, and death, thinking on the journey ahead and the way home.

No Clean Singing was the proper outlet to debut this opus to the masses, after an initial review of Heimweh was issued recently, which including, “When the British quartet CROM DUBH released their debut after more than ten years of existence, that is something we could take delight in, for these lads deliver rapturous grimness and a poignant fresh take on ‘melodic’ extremity.” While dissecting the album with precision, the review concludes, “The mix of elements from different styles is run cynically and tactlessly through the same rusty grinder, and comes out the other side as a mutual, rancid unit, where big contrasts are not the goal but rather a consistent product that tastes metallic on the tongue. I am mighty impressed by CROM DUBH‘s debut Heimweh! A cool debut that could melt steel hearts like a blowtorch.”

Explore the vast sorrow of CROM DUBH’s debut Heimweh via No Clean Singing at THIS LOCATION.

Recorded by J. C. Volgard (Scythian, Craven Idol) in the Summer and Autumn of 2013, CROM DUBH‘s first full-length opus Heimweh presents forty-five minutes of majestic yet menacing northern black metal with an incredible storyline to overthrow fans of Dissection, early Summoning, Taake, Drudkh, Tsjuder, Carpathian Forest and the like. Heimweh is now available on CD and LP directly through Ván Records HERE. US order links will be available shortly.