CONTRARIAN: Heavy Blog Is Heavy Unloads “Need For Apathy” As Polemic Nears Release Via Willowtip


CONTRARIAN — the otherworldly technical death metal subdivision fusing members of Nile, Sulaco, Mithras, Goemagot, Delirium Endeavor and others — has divulged the next wave in their takeover with a mind-numbing premiere of the track “Need For Apathy” utilizing Heavy Blog Is Heavy as the conduit.

“Obviously there’s a ton of stuff going on here,” Heavy Blog Is Heavy issues on new single, “Need For Apathy,” with the site’s exclusive premiere of the track. “You have elements of doom, tech death, atmospheric death, and slam in one song. It’s a great song that really takes a mish mash of sounds that shouldn’t work and makes them work together really well. The whole purpose of this song seems to be to take you on a crazy journey through time and space, and sounds alien at times. There’s no insane leads or sweeps, but it does sound like something other-worldly at times.”

Offers CONTRARIAN guitarist Jim Tasikas, “‘Need For Apathy’ is the second track on Polemic. This track is unique in that the majority of the song consists of meandering melody-style riffs that are harmonized in fifths (which is uncommon within a genre that tends to prefer guitar harmonies in thirds) along with a reoccurring ‘open’ string motif to add atmosphere. The song features two blistering yet contrasting side by side solos by both Brian Mason and Leon Macey. The guitar melodies aren’t the only meandering in this song, pay close attention to how bassist Ed Paulsen cleverly navigates alternate patterns and textures throughout. Also worth noting is how this might be the first time within this genre you will hear such aggressive guttural vocals over such intricate and refined melodies. Along with the music, the lyrics below should give a pretty good idea of why and how this release is most definitely a contrarian’s polemic of the avant-garde death metal kind.”

CONTRARIAN’s “Need For Apathy” can be experienced via Heavy Blog Is Heavy now at THIS LOCATION.

Also hear the band’s previously released cover of Death’s “Nothing Is Everything” at Decibel Magazine HERE and the album’s title track via No Clean Singing HERE.

Polemic will see release on CD and digitally via Willowtip Records on November 20th, 2015. Preorder your copy today at THIS LOCATION.

Polemic is the forthcoming debut from progressive/avant-garde death metal unit, CONTRARIAN. Featuring within their ranks the musical prowess of drummer George Kollias (Nile), guitarists Brian Mason (Sulaco) and Leon Macey (Mithras) and vocalist Cody McConnell (Goemagot), alongside guitarist Jim Tasikas and bassist Ed Paulsen, both from the New York-based progressive metal fusion act Delirium Endeavor, the eight-track Polemic is a transnational recording captured at Watchmen Studios (USA), Dreaming Studios (UK) and Soundtrap Studios (Greece) with all mixing and mastering done by Macey at Dreaming Studios. A sonic smorgasbord of original and authentic death metal riffs, layered with blistering solos and mind-blowing percussion, CONTRARIAN never sticks to any one thing for too long. Perpetually changing and evolving, the band’s layered sound and technical wizardry is not to be misconstrued as senseless noodling. Instead, the songs on display delve into avant-garde, latter-day, Schuldinerian-style riffage, with atmospheric variations proving a wholly enticing listen to all those willing to take in its eccentricity.