CONNOISSEUR: “Weeding Out The Weak” Video From California Sludge Punk Unit Now Playing At Clrvynt; Over The Edge Out Now On Tankcrimes


California stoner violence collective CONNOISSEUR rolled out their Over The Edge full-length for the masses via Tankcrimes earlier this month and today, April 20th — aka 420, the most sacred of days among weed enthusiasts — the band offers up the visual accompaniment for “Weeding Out the Weak.”

Shot and edited by Armando “Mondo” Armas, the clip is currently playing at Clrvynt, the esteemed site issuing, “Casual stoners they ain’t – [CONNOISSEUR] breathe in weed smoke like air and pose for press photos cradling a sack of bud as if it’s Baby Jesus (see above). On Over The Edge‘s ‘Weeding Out The Weak,’ they scoff at all of the nine-to-five suits who dare to rope themselves in with the 420 faithful just because they smoked a bowl at a party a month ago… The clip finds the band separating the iron lungs from the lightweights by way of a good old-fashioned bong-off.”

Zone out to “Weeding Out The Weak” via Clrvynt at THIS LOCATION.

CONNOISSEUR‘s Over The Edge is out now on LP, cassette, and digital formats via Tankcrimes. For limited vinyl orders (100 – black; 400 – pink), point your browser HERE. For cassette orders, go HERE. Visit the Tankcrimes Bandcamp page at THIS LOCATION to order the record digitally for a cool $4.20 and hear the record in full.

Boasting fourteen resin-coated burners, Over The Edge was captured by Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios (Iron Lung, Brainoil) and mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound (Spazz, Ghoul). Over The Edge is twenty-four minutes of East Coast brutality combined with West Coast mentality, all rolled up with cosmic weed grown in outer space, delivered by an alien race known as The Doctors. It’s lit.

Said guitarist Daniel “Machinegun” Grenade upon the completion of the record, “If you are straight edge, this record will hopefully make you question your life choices. If you smoke pot, this record will make you feel sexy and intelligent, which we know you already are. Most stoner bands want to make you feel fuzzy and warm with their groovy hippie doom riffs, but we always seek to do the opposite, and with this record we really feel closer to achieving our ultimate goal: making marijuana a threat again!”

CONNOISSEUR will bring their marijuana missives to stages this Spring with additional live dates to be announced in the weeks to come.

4/20/2017 The Ritz – San Jose, CA w/ Ghoul
4/22/2017 Spring Meltdown @ Hard Rock Café – South Lake Tahoe, CA w/ Ghoul, more
6/04/2017 1 Fest @ Metro – Oakland, CA w/ Infest, Wormrot, Brainoil, morE

“The music moves from bracing gallops to punk-fueled rampages, from mid-paced bunker-busting juggernauts to grindcore-paced furies of supreme destructiveness… Anguish and anger cohabit in these songs like old friends scavenging in a bleak and blasted war zone.” – No Clean Singing

“Their mix of sludge, powerviolence, and d-beat hardcore is flexible and seamless enough to accommodate ‘Hey! Ho!’ Ramones-style chants (‘All Day, Every Day’) and even clean guitars (‘Boulevard Of Broken Bongs’).” – Pitchfork

“Marijuana is something to be savored slowly, but if you wanna burn one up quick and hop in a moshpit, this record’ll definitely do the trick.” – Hellbound

“…a super solid slab of heavy riffs, insane vocals, and over-the-top weed-influenced songwriting.” — Rock Shop Pop

“An interesting and intoxicating listen …. Pack a bowl and enjoy the violent weed-filled ride.” — Antichrist Magazine

“A heavy as hell slab of Hardcore Heaven that, much like cannabis (if that’s your bag), will help you get through the day and put a shit-eating grin back on your face.” – Mass Movement