COLLAPSE CULTURE: Treble Premieres Song From Psychedelic/Electronic Duo With Kowloon Walled City And Bleach Everything Members; Drag Your Coffin My Lord Nears Through Pax Aeternum

COLLAPSE CULTURE, the California/North Carolina-based electronic/psychedelic hybrid duo of Ian Miller (Kowloon Walled City, Interesting Times Gang, Stangelight) and Graham Scala (Bleach Everything, US Christmas, Interstitia), is preparing to release its second album, Drag Your Coffin My Lord, through Pax Aeternum. Treble is hosting the exclusive premiere of the album’s second single, “Bail Money Stashed In The Crawl Space (Non Frustra Vixi).”

All music on Drag Your Coffin My Lord was created by Ian Miller and Graham Scala in their respective homes in Oakland and Asheville, with mixing, mastering, and art handled by Scala.

Scala writes with the new song’s debut, “‘Bail Money…’ exemplifies a couple approaches we were taking with this record. From a musical stance refining the different elements we’d utilized on the first record into something more focused and cohesive without sacrificing the sort of atmosphere we’d tried to cultivate. And from a conceptual standpoint it was the first we’d titled using juxtapositions of seemingly unrelated phrases. The idea was for each pairing of images to suggest a narrative without dictating it too literally and for each of the implied narratives to form into a larger picture, somewhere between Samuel Beckett and Koyanisqaatsi – the cohesion of which lies as much with the listener’s imagination as with anything we made.”

Treble writes with the song’s premiere, “It’s a heady and psychedelic track influenced by dub, industrial and progressive electronic sounds, with immersive synthesizers and loops, pulsing beats and a deep bassline meant to be heard on a top-notch soundsystem. As one might expect from these two musicians, there’s a heaviness at the core of the song, but it never overpowers the hypnotic beauty of the overall composition.”

Stream COLLAPSE CULTURE’s “Bail Money Stashed In The Crawl Space (Non Frustra Vixi)” first now at Treble RIGHT HERE.

Dark Operative’s digital imprint Pax Aeternum will release Drag Your Coffin My Lord on September 16th. Preorders are live at Bandcamp where Nuclear Semiotics (Superstructure Collapse)” is playing HERE.

Watch for more on the album to post shortly.

Drag Your Coffin My Lord acts in much the same way as the group’s debut – as a means of processing the dire qualities of the current zeitgeist that become more intense and overwhelming by the day. But while the new album possesses similar genre agnostic qualities to their previous work, the approach is taken to greater extremes through a synthesis of diverse components into a varied and ever-shifting panorama, with their heretofore established mix of grainy cinematic dub textures and maximalist post-punk techno propulsion augmented with cosmic disco jeremiads, Atom Age educational filmstrip synthwave, and hauntological Morlock psychedelia.

Both the group’s members have decades’ worth of background in heavier music with bands like Kowloon Walled City, US Christmas, Bleach Everything, Less Art, Strangelight, Souvenir’s Young America, and Forensics, and the sense of rawness and immediacy present in those bands shines through in COLLAPSE CULTURE despite it diverging starkly from their better-known projects. Though the duo’s intention was to make a dance record, the end result is something weightier and more confrontational, a bracing and engaging sequence of battle hymns for spiritual warfare.