COLD CURSE: Violent Measure Debut EP By Merciless California Metal/Hardcore Act Out Now Through Creator-Destructor Records

Creator-Destructor Records presents Violent Measure, the debut 7″ EP from California metal/hardcore band COLD CURSE. The record is out today and is now streaming on all platforms.

With four pummeling tracks, Violent Measure is a ripping introduction to this volatile act, and a must-hear for fans of Entombed, Dismember, Nails, Black Breath, and All Pigs Must Die. The EP was recorded by Erol Ulug at Bright Lights Basement in Santa Ana, California, and completed with artwork by Manuscript Of Death.

COLD CURSE’s Violent Measure is streaming in its volatile entirety via Bandcamp HERE.

Violent Measure is out now on all digital platforms and on 7″ vinyl. Find merch options at the label webshop HERE.

Watch for tour dates and more on COLD CURSE to be issued in the days ahead.

With its members located in both Northern and Southern California, COLD CURSE is a metallic hardcore/death metal crossover act that initially started along the coast of Central California. Blending elements of ’90s death metal, thrash, and hardcore, the band has certainly already left their unique mark on the hardcore scene throughout their massive home state. Since their 2013 formation, COLD CURSE has released an EP and a demo, and has toured with the likes of Twitching Tongues, Code Orange, War Hungry, Gulch, Spinebreaker, Drain, Hands Of God, Vamachara, Gatecreeper, Fuming Mouth, Momentum, and many more.

“Set your Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal pedals to 11, and tune into Creator-Destructor Records’ latest singing COLD CURSE. If you dig on early ’90s-styled Swedeath run through a Trap Them filter, you’d need to jam this.” – Decibel Magazine

“…when you continue to add in the thick guitars and the intensity with which the group plays, you begin to understand how volatile these ten minutes of music are… COLD CURSE sound right at home amongst the very best the hardcore and crossover scenes have to offer, we just need more of it.” – Distorted Sound

“Undeniably potent and venomous, Violent Measure steamrolls you in to your own six-foot-deep hole. As short as each track is, they are incredibly destructive and leveling. Battering you from the first second onward, COLD CURSE never relent as they keep their torrid pace all throughout catching you up in a pure cyclone of mayhem.” – Cadaver Garden