COFFINS: First Carnage From Relapse Debut Issued Via “The Vacant Pale Vessel” Lyric Video

The first whiff of The Fleshland, the fourth LP from Tokyo-based graverobbers, COFFINS, is permeating the air today, as the label has exhumed the first single from the album. Constructed for the massive more than six-and-a-half minute “The Vacant Pale Vessel,” the lyric video animates the gorestrewn cover illustration of The Fleshland as executed by the gruesome hands of Chris Moyen (Morbosidad, Black Witchery, Incantation, Blasphemy, etc.), as he has so morbidly done with all of COFFINS previous albums as well.

Explore the foul deathcrush of “The Vacant Pale Vessel” right here:

Easily one of the most awaited death/doom albums of 2013, The Fleshland is the first proper studio album from COFFINS since their commended Buried Death album, released by 20 Buck Spin in 2008, and first official album for Relapse Records. Recorded at Tokyo’s Noise Room Studio with engineer Shigenori Kobayashi, and produced by Bungo Uchino and the rest of COFFINS, The Fleshland shows the revamped and expanded band lineup smashing down everything in their path, having upped the lineup from a trio to a quartet with a new drummer and full-time vocalist since Buried Death. Nine grisly numbers thunder with the unbeatable mid-paced COFFINS stomp, laying down over forty-five minutes of bruising low-end sludge-infiltrated, plodding doom with possibly the best production values in the band’s meaty catalog of carnage.

Relapse will release The Fleshland via CD, download and mammoth 2xLP on July 9th. A deluxe black and white artwork edition on 2xLP, Cassette and CD is available only via Relapse direct. Preorder package are available HERE.

COFFINS have also confirmed a massive string of live performances across Japan and much of Europe on tour for the coming months including major festivals including Brutal Assault, Party San Metal Open Air, Leperfest and more, with additional excursions being devised. Stay tuned for more info on the The Fleshland as well as 2013 live actions for COFFINS to be released in the coming weeks.

COFFINS Tour Dates:
5/25/2013 Waseda Zone B – Tokyo, Japan
6/22/2013 Urga – Tokyo, Japan
7/28/2013 Earthdom – Tokyo, Japan
8/07/2013 Cassiopeia – Berlin, Germany
8/08/2013 Brutal Assault Festival – Josefov, CZ
8/09/2013 Party San Metal Open Air – Schlotheim, Germany
8/10/2013 Leperfest – Leper, Belgium
8/11/2013 Bleh Fest @ The Unicorn Camden – London, UK
8/12/2013 La Miroiterie – Paris, France
8/14/2013 Winston – Amsterdam, Netherlands
8/15/2013 Kødboderne 18 – Copenhagen, Denmark
8/16/2013 Pussy A Go Go – Stockholm, Sweden
8/23/2013 Akihabara Ongakukan – Tokyo, Japan
11/01/2013 Kurawood/Asakusa – Tokyo, Japan
11/02/2013 Earthdom – Tokyo, Japan
11/03/2013 Huck Finn/Imaike – Nagoya, Japan
11/04/2013 Conpass/Unagidani – Osaka, Japan