CHTHONIC To Perform At Sing-Ling Temple Outdoor Concert This Weekend

Video Contest Winners Posted

CHTHONIC’s latest album, Takasago Army, has triggered a wave of Taiwanese-learning among fans around the world. So much so, the band recently hosted an online “singing video contest” where fans were asked to submit videos of themselves singing the chorus to “Takao.” The two best submissions — judged on talent, creativity, etc. — would win round trip airfare and tickets to Taiwan to take part in the Sing-Ling Temple outdoor concert this Saturday, October 22, 2011 where more than a thousand people from around the country are expected to gather. Sing-Ling Temple is an ancient battlefield and a historical landmark of Puli town and the most essential scene in CHTHONIC’s trilogy story.

Nearly one-hundred fans from around the globe sent their entries almost immediately! “I was shocked to find some foreign fans singing with better Taiwanese than I do,” said band leader and bassist Doris Yeh. Fans were creative in their attempts to win the tickets. One fan incorporated animation into the video, one did a skit and another did the song with traditional Polish instruments.

In the end, one fan from Germany and one in Japan won the tickets. Said the band in their final vote: “The German fan won the ticket both for her singing skill and good pronunciation of the lyrics in Taiwanese; while the girl from Japan won the ticket for her talented animation work. Both are very excited about winning!”

To check out a collection of entries, as well as the band’s top picks, point your browser HERE:

View individual videos HERE.

“This should certainly challenge all competition for metal album of the year.” — Popdose

“CHTHONIC have made metal that’s traditional in so many ways, but finally provides a breath of fresh air from your normal death metal stomp-fest.” — Revolver

“CHTHONIC’s distinctive style is fascinating. They have found a way to draw the audience into their world, the soundtrack to which is a sound unequaled.” — Blistering

“Infusing ethnic elements into metal is a recurring sound in the global scene, yet Chthonic cross boundaries with their Zen-like heaviness…” — Exclaim

“CHTHONIC have undoubtedly raised their level of musicianship with this release, and it comes as highly recommended from me to any heavy metal fan.” — Metal Assault

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