CHTHONIC DEITY: Cvlt Nation Streams Reassembled In Pain EP From Death/Punk Unit Featuring Members Of Scolex, Blood Incantation, And Ascended Dead On The Eve Of Its Release

Cvlt Nation is currently streaming Reassembled In Pain, the debut EP from Colorado death/punk unit CHTHONIC DEITY in its vile entirety. The premiere comes on the eve of its release via Carbonized, Woodsmoke, and Lunar Tomb Records.

Mixed by Greg Wilkinson (Brainoil, Deathgrave) and mastered by Dan Randall (Necrot, Ghoul), CHTHONIC DEITY‘s Reassembled In Pain contains four songs of coffin rumbling heavy death/punk. Notes Cvlt Nation, “CHTHONIC DEITY manifests the kind of filthy death metal that both metalheads and punks go ape shit for!”

Stream CHTHONIC DEITY’s Reassembled In Pain at Cvlt Nation at THIS LOCATION.

Reassembled In Pain will be released on limited edition vinyl (300 silver; 200 black) via a joint venture between Carbonized Records and Woodsmoke Records on October 31st. Carbonized will also release the EP digitally while Osterhout’s Lunar Tomb Records will handle the cassette edition. Find preorders HERE and HERE. Woodsmoke will have physical copies available on or after street date.

CHTHONIC DEITY was spawned by Erika Osterhout and Charlie Koryn when their respective bands – Scolex and Ascended Dead – played together in November 2013. Fueled by a common passion for the soul-swallowing sounds of bands like Nihilist, Sacrilege, and Stormcrow, the duo united in January 2014 to record a crude rehearsal, writing some songs on the spot. Osterhout played the demo for her bandmate in another project, Necrosic. Soon thereafter Koryn was recruited to play drums for Necrosic and CHTHONIC DEITY was put on hold.

In 2015, Necrosic recorded their Putrid Decimation MLP with Greg Wilkinson at Earhammer Studios in Oakland. During those sessions, Osterhout and Koryn recorded drums and bass for the songs they had originally written for CHTHONIC DEITY. Due to scheduling conflicts and commitments to their many other projects, those recordings remained unfinished for several years. Finally, in April 2018 the pair recorded guitars and vocals at Koryn’s own Underworld Studios in Portland, Oregon. A few months later they convened again in Denver, Colorado where they not only finished the record but enlisted Paul Riedl from Blood Incantation and Spectral Voice for live guitar duties and played their first show.

“…the trio wade through filth on new song ‘Echoes Of Death,’ which funnels death and a bit of doom through punk and adds some of that Stockholm stink for good measure. It’s a little cavernous, but the Swedish sway adds a bit more than most that rise from the murk. The crush of Dead Congregation, Cruciamentum, or Colorado contemporaries Spectral Voice come to mind in feel.” — Decibel on “Echoes Of Death”

“…a succinct release that wears its influences on its sleeve and has the requisite moxie to make it all work.” — Astral Noize UK

“The reek of magnificence and gloriously thundering death metal will certainly resonate through those who delve into this short but satisfying venture of depravity.” — Nattskog