CARTILAGE: Bay Area Death/Grind Outfit Joins Creator-Destructor Records Roster; New Album, The Deader The Better, To See May Release

photo by Chris Johnston

Creator-Destructor Records welcomes San Francisco’s CARTILAGE to the label’s roster, announcing their flesh-peeling second album, The Deader The Better, for May release.

Whether you call them death-grind, gore-grind, or gore metal, some things are certain: the Bay Area’s CARTILAGE bleeds in blastbeats, rips out gut-twisting riffs, and spews idiomatic viscera with delight. Borne from the ashes of the brutal death metal act Feast, siblings Teresa and Mark Wallace reigned in their adolescent influences and formed a new band: one that delighted in the flesh-searing death metal that the likes of Impaled and General Surgery claim as their own.

In 2019, the band added bassist Kienan Hamilton to their ranks. Not content to rest on their blood-soaked laurels, CARTILAGE wrote, recorded, and independently released the Gore-Met EP as the morbid darkness of 2020 came to a close. And now, the quintet is primed and ready to unleash their second LP The Deader The Better via Creator-Destructor Records.

Produced under the watchful eyes of Exhumed’s Matt Harvey, recorded January 2020 at Darker Corners Studio in San Luis Obispo, The Deader The Better all at once features friends, peers, and gore metal grandmasters Ross Sewage (Exhumed), Leon del Muerte (Nails), and Tom Draper (Pounder, ex-Carcass) who all make guest appearances, sharpening CARTILAGE’s hemorrhaging stabs of grind for the masses. The album closes with a cover of Impetigo’s “Boneyard.” Hope you’re a donor…

The band proclaims with the signing news, “Our bowels tremble with excitement as we stitch and staple our gangly limbs n things to the fleshy compound that is Creator-Destructor! This disgusting forced conjoined twining will bring forth our sophomore album The Deader The Better! Enjoy the raunchy B-movie-induced gore!”

The Deader The Better’s cover art created by Matt Slime, along with the track listing and more have been posted. Creator-Destructor will release the album on LP, cassette, and digital formats on May 13th. Watch for singles, preorders, and more to post in the weeks ahead.

CARTILAGE will take part in Creator-Destructor’s Two Nights Of Terror double-show weekend booked for this Friday, April 1st and Saturday, April 2nd at X Bar in Cupertino, California, joining Crepuscle, Spinebreaker, Scalp, Darkness Everywhere, Slowbleed, Extinguish, Upon Stone, Doomsday, Mutually Assured Destruction, and Outta Pocket. The band will also perform at the 2022 edition of Northwest Terror Fest in Seattle June 30th through July 2nd, joining Ludicra, Repulsion, Suffocation, Acephalix, Panopticon, and many others. Watch for additional live news to post over the months ahead.

4/01/2022 X Bar – Cupertino, CA @ Two Nights Of Terror
6/30-7/02/2022 Neumos & Barboza – Seattle, WA @ Northwest Terror Fest [info]

The Deader The Better Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Slaughter Day At The Chopping Mall
3. The Deader The Better
4. I Skin You
5. Mallet-Wielding Maniac
6. Gurgitor
7. Cellar Full Of Stiffs
8. Axe Scratcher
9. Gashes To Ashes
10. The Casket Crawler Catastrophe
11. Boneyard (Impetigo cover)

Mark Wallace – vocals
Ria Wallace – guitars/backing vocals
Mike Flory – lead guitar
Adam Houmam – drums
Kienan Hamilton – bass