Candlelight Cult Series: Decibel Magazine Welcomes The North American Coming Of Chaos

On January 8th, Candlelight Records USA brings North American fans the latest symphonies of sickness from ZATOKREV, NINE COVENS and KONTINUUM.

In celebration of what they’ve fittingly crowned “an unholy trinity of relentlessly brutal, crazy diverse” offerings, Decibel is currently streaming a track from each band at THIS LOCATION.

ZATOKREV | The Bat The Wheel And The Long Road To Nowhere

The Bat The Wheel And The Long Road To Nowhere is the third full-length from Swiss death/doom conjurors ZATOKREV. Their self-dubbed “sludge-apocalypse” takes you on an transcendental musical journey that clocks in over an hour in length and features lyrics sung in English, Czech, and Slovak. Angry Metal Guy commends the band noting that they’ve “latched on to the essence of doom beyond the self-indulgent head-holding of the genre. They seem to have tapped into something that feels very human and sincere and garnished it with a primal ferocity,” while The New Review notes, “ZATOKREV skillfully play on emotion to deliver their mournful message. It’s a seriously heavy, seriously depressing doom-fest.”

NINE COVENS | On The Dawning Of Light

On The Dawning Of Light is the second album from rising London-based underground black metal band NINE COVENS and their first with proper distribution in North America. NINE COVENS came together to explore the darker, more brooding aspects of black metal and in doing so have created a virulent, belligerent and passionate account of the weakness that exists in humanity. NINE COVENS offers a sonic confrontation to the eternally weak and all who follow without question to reflect on themselves and consider an alternative. Named after noted English witch/magician George Pickingill, the collective shroud their identities to focus on the music. Metal Underground calls the recordm “traditional black metal done right and taken straight from the ’90s European playbook.” Adds Metal Talk: “…a good black metal album is like a journey you are forced to face and this does just that. A high quality album from the UK’s most mysterious black Metal outfit.”

KONTINUUM | Earth Blood Magic

Iceland-based KONTINUUM present their unique blend of structured occult ambient noise via debut Earth Blood Magic. Formed in 2010 by vocalist/guitarist Birgir Thorgeirsson with the aim to make hypnotic and spiritual musical noise, the quintet are already finding the curiosity of media stateside. This Is Not A Scene calls Earth Blood Magic, “an album which shows a lot of unique qualities and character… an unexpectedly great and sombre effort,” Terrorizer commends its, “epic, progressive black doominess,” while Metal Ireland opines, “[Earth Blood Magic is] something of an essential purchase for anyone who truly savors real dark metal – the type that Misanthropy would have put out years ago, the type that doesn’t really care for genre and instead blasts out its own thing come hell or high water. That’s what KONTINUUM are about, with all their benighted darkwave jangle, and you’d be a fool to miss it.”