Cadabra Records Launches Halloween-Themed Series With The Hearse Song Featuring SLASHER FILM FESTIVAL STRATEGY And ANTHONY D. P. MANN; Sample Playing At New Noise Magazine

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Vinyl-only horror/spoken arts label Cadabra Records announces a new annual record series celebrating the greatest day of the year, Halloween. The Cadabra Records Presents: Halloween series begins with a 7″ release of The Hearse Song, which features music by SLASHER FILM FESTIVAL STRATEGY, and readings by ANTHONY D. P. MANN. The EP’s “Skin And Bones” is now playing at New Noise Magazine as the label posts preorders.

The first installment of Cadabra Records Presents: Halloween leads with “The Hearse Song,” the common, creepy poem which widely remembered by the lines, “the worms crawl in, the worms crawl out, the worms play pinochle on your snout.” The A-side also features a suspenseful rendition of the popular haunting story, “The Velvet Ribbon.” The B-side of the record packs two more well-known childhood tales of horror, leading with the succinct but bold tale of the old lady in “Skin And Bones,” followed by the more extensive and suspenseful version of “The Teeth.”

The Hearse Song 7″ flows with a creepy, diverse score by long-running horror/sci-fi film outfit SLASHER FILM FESTIVAL STRATEGY, who has unleashed a plethora of albums and various other recordings on labels like Foreign, Sounds Children Of The Night, and others since the late 1990s. The EP marks the first collaborations with the artist for Cadabra Records. The four movements are recited by returning Cadabra reader, Anthony D.P. Mann, a Canadian-based filmmaker and actor with five feature films and a lifetime of stage and radio to his credit. In roles ranging from Count Dracula and the Phantom Of The Opera, to Ebenezer Scrooge.

New Noise Magazine is now playing “Skin And Bones” ahead of the EP’s release; stream it now at THIS LOCATION.

The Hearse Song will see release this Friday the 13th of October, delivered in an edition of 500 copies on colored vinyl with a foldover die-cut sleeve. Preorders have been issued via the Cadabra Records webshop RIGHT HERE.

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The Hearse Song 7″ Track Listing:
Side A:
1. The Hearse Song
2. The Velvet Ribbon
Side B:
1. Skin And Bones
2. The Teeth