DAEVA: Philadelphia Blackthrash Cult Prepares Pulsing Dark Absorptions Debut MLP For November Release Via 20 Buck Spin; LP Streaming Early

DAEVA cover

20 Buck Spin declares their new partnership with Philadelphia-based blackthrash cult DAEVA, and is preparing the band’s lethal Pulsing Dark Absorptions MLP for November release. Unable to contain the band’s unhinged, high-octane attack, the entire album has been made available for streaming early alongside preorders.

Once in a black moon a band of truly terrible people emerge with no regard for societal norms or common decency. An ingrained shitty attitude makes life generally miserable, and yet provides some of the most raging, sinister and unhinged underground metal this side of the Styx. Philly’s DAEVA (da-ay-vuh) harness their shitty guy mentality, sharpened over many years and many beers to an acidic burn, and pour it into their Pulsing Dark Absorptions debut, a snarling beast of blackthrash discord.

While reference points won’t be hard to identify for the worst among you, few bands manage to sound as energized and dexterous as DAEVA does while swinging the axe of execution on first wave black metal, dissonant thrash and evil rock and roll. With a vocalist that goes from venomous rasp to mentally deranged to perfect aggressor inside the same song, DAEVA slashes, bashes, and gnashes through four original compositions with one simple message to convey: FUCK OFF. Finally, a poser-corpsing cover of Mayhem’s “Deathcrush” closes the B side with a rusty saw blade to your throat. So, wipe that smirk off your face, set the player to 45rpm, and absorb DAEVA‘s pulsing darkness.

Stream DAEVA’s Pulsing Dark Absorptions RIGHT HERE.

DAEVA is guitarist/bassist Steve Jansson (Crypt Sermon), drummer Justin Bean, and vocalist Ed Gonet. Those who worship the works of Aura Noir, Voivod, Sodom, Sadistik Exekution, Midnight, Morbus Chron, Venom, and Absu, welcome DAEVA to your congregation.

20 Buck Spin will issue Pulsing Dark Absorptions on MLP and all digital formats November 17th. Find vinyl preorders HERE and digital HERE.

Pulsing Dark Absorptions Track Listing:
1. No Effective Banishings
2. Clenched Fist Of The Beast
3. Pulsing Dark Reabsorption
4. Descending The Miasmal Void
5. Deathcrush (Mayhem)