BROKEN CROSS: Debut LP By Hardcore/Punk Soloist Now Playing At Cvlt Nation; Through Light To Night Sees Release This Week

Set the day ablaze with an early listen to Through Light To Night, the debut LP hailing from the arsenal of Swedish punk/hardcore outfit, BROKEN CROSS, as the beast nears release late this week and Cvlt Nation offers an advance stream of the entire album.

With a leviathan style as lo-fi production-wise as it is top-notch in entertainment value, BROKEN CROSS‘ merciless Through Light To Night merges visceral extreme musical elements with a disturbing horror/sci-fi aura, the record a baffling voyage through the bleakest realms of punk’s most off-center realms. Set for independent digital and vinyl release in the coming days, the entire album has been exhumed ahead of schedule for public intake via Cvlt Nation. Alongside the whole bizarrely unforgiving LP stream, the site issues a detailed track-by-track review of the entire album, leading off with, “Imagine if you found the long lost Celtic Frost demo tapes that Tom Warrior recorded in his grandmother’s basement. BROKEN CROSSThrough Light To Night is not far from this. This album is raw and extremely lo-fi. Aside from the clang carried by the pots-and-pans sound of the drums, some anti-production adds to some of the charm. A one man band, he pulls from the rawer side of metal, coming across as more of a punk sound that has roaring metal vocals…”

Crawl hopelessly Through Light To Night with BROKEN CROSS via Cvlt Nation RIGHT HERE.

The creator of BROKEN CROSS will unveil Through Light To Night through his own Apocalyptic Visions cult on May 8th. Digital and vinyl preorders and packages are available HERE.

BROKEN CROSSThrough Light To Night LP delivers ten anthems for the end-of-times, the unhinged vibe of the album’s gutter punk approach driven with merciless divebomb guitar leads, d-beat manglings and blackened punk might, all fueled by a razor-lined vocal tirade. Enshrouded in a gloomy fog of eerie effects and samples, steeping the entire concoction in a horror/sci-fi Cannibal Holocaust vibe, the perilous back-alley sensation one endures with Through Light To Night is as unholy and unnerving as it is crucially compelling. The cover art and layout for the album were handled by Dwid Hellion (Integrity, Vermapyre, Holy Terror Records) who has been responsible for the majority of the band’s releases. In an early track premiere, Vice Magazine’s music channel Noisey issued in part, “The band worships at the altar of G.I.S.M., Integrity, Gehenna, Zouo, and more, bringing a super lo-fi aesthetic with overtones of industrial and noise to those hateful and nihilistic sounds. This is primitive stuff, but the songwriting shines through, as do the very Integrity dive-bombs.” Seekers of ill-omened, depraved extreme music far from the polished shores of the mainstream should pay heed to the calling of Through Light To Night.

Stand by for more from BROKEN CROSS in the weeks ahead.