BRIAN!: Guitar And Bassoon Playthrough Videos Now Playing; Fifth Album By Ithaca Experimental/Jazz Trio, The Cataclysmic Engine, Out Now On Nefarious Industries

photos by Greg McClure

Following the release of their fifth LP, The Cataclysmic Engine, through Nefarious Industries in October, Ithaca, New York-based experimental rock trio BRIAN! has just issued two new playthrough videos for different tracks on the album.

Bassoon driven avant-garde trio BRIAN! covers a variety of introspective themes and sonic concepts on The Cataclysmic Engine. Nine angular and heavy compositions blend whole-tone, non-western, modal scales with frenzied meter and tempo while taking inspiration from finding queer identity (“Rose”), the awe of passionate relationships blossoming out of childhood trauma (“Intemperate to Death”) and embracing brevity when dealing with vulnerability (“Smol”). In the past decade since their formation, BRIAN! has shared the stage with Guerilla Toss, Kayo Dot, Giraffes? Giraffes!, Tyondai Braxton, Behold The Arctopus, Upsilon Acrux, Bangladeafy, Desertion Trio, Les Rhinoceros, Many Arms, Charlie Looker, Amirtha Kidambi/Elder Ones, Sarah Hennies, Powerdove, Too Many Zooz, Zevious, and many more.

The Cataclysmic Engine was recorded, mixed, mastered by Matthew Saccuccimorano at Electric Wilburland Studio, and completed with artwork by Sam “Skullboy” Mameli.

One of the new playthrough videos that has just been posted showcases bassoonist David Resig performing his contributions to the song “Cascade,” and the second one shows guitarist Bubba Crumrine performing “The Eye.”

Watch both new playthrough videos where BRIAN!’s The Cataclysmic Engine and more is also playing RIGHT HERE.

The Cataclysmic Engine is out now on Royal Blue vinyl LP and all digital platforms thorugh Nefarious Industries HERE.

Having performed locally and toured across parts of the Northeast in support of the new album in recent weeks, BRIAN! is currently planning new tour dates for the Spring months. Stand by for additional updates early in the year.

“…unique soundscapes that can at times boggle the senses, yet make you want to listen closer to the individual parts that make up the sum.” – MetalSucks

“The band’s music is otherworldly and cacophonous, merging progressive rock with noise rock and a taut, complex rhythmic sensibility. Theirs is a hybrid of King Crimson’s knottiest compositions with the explosive rush of a band like Lightning Bolt. It’s thrilling stuff, and totally bonkers.” – Treble

“…the New York power trio has mastered its peculiar sound and grown more confident, more adventurous, and more certain. With the Cataclysmic Engine, you can hear the idiosyncratic sound of the bassoon, somewhere between electric bass and synthesizer during the riffs and a genuine woodwind instrument during solos.” – Can This Even Be Called Music?