BOSS KONG: Magic Bullet Records To Uncage Ape Biker Gang Metal 7″ Tied In With Image Comics Series For Record Store Day

Exactly what is, or who are, the back-alley primates that created this beastly outfit known as BOSS KONG you may ask? And the answer is: don’t write a check your ass can’t cash, Jack. Go ahead and dig around if you have some kind of desire to get jacked-up in the end, or if you’re in Columbo’s bloodline of trenchcoat wizardy, but otherwise, I’d just take it for what it is and go about your goddamn business. That said, bio fodder be damned, as these tunes speak for themselves, and all are invited to get slaughterhouse crunked-up and blaze the latest from the BOSS KONG pact on the latest excursion into a demented rendition of the past.

As a crossover/tie-in with the brand new Image Comics series “The Humans,” Magic Bullet Records is proud to present The Humans Soundtrack Vol. II, by BOSS KONG. Set in the late 1960s/early ’70s, “The Humans” is a book about an all-simian biker gang from Bakersfield, California, drinking, fighting, and fucking their way through the turbulent world around them. BOSS KONG is one of the book’s more popular, interesting characters and this installment of the soundtrack series tells tales from the perspective of an ape that’s seen inhumanities both abroad and on the home front. Voiced by a mystery metal figurehead and performed by a cast of mystery stoner rockers, part of the fun of this 7″ is trying to figure out who’s behind the music itself. Once revisiting the glory days, two new hash-pipe nightmare rocker jams await, spreading the rampaging demoralization of the Tet Offensive onto coked-up mullet debauchery on The Humans Soundtrack Volume II, like Ponyboy Curtis ten years after he went from gold to crushed Milwaukee aluminum, now leading the outcasts from the Planet Of The Apes into full-on bar-brawl burnout turf of the metal underworld.

Exclusively created for Record Store Day 2015, Magic Bullet Records will spark BOSS KONG‘s latest spliff in its bodily format on a greasy 7″ slab of vinyl on April 18th in all RSD stores, and through those goddamned digital downloadable things you kids like just four days prior. All “real” copies of The Humans Soundtrack Volume II are pressed on a limited edition, one-time-only run of orange/gold vinyl, and this title goes immediately out of print after Record Store Day. The piece’s exclusive cover art and insert art were created by creator Tom Neely (Henry and Glenn Forever); just one more set of scene points to round out this completely awesome slab of wax. Vintage ape-drape rocker warfare awaits you at the gates.

For digital preorders of The Humans Soundtrack Volume II, sniff out that Bandcamp and iTunes digitalia and ram it. To bag the wax, set up camp at your local Record Store Day depot, bro. Bancamp preorders are HERE, and mailorder HERE.

The Humans Soundtrack Volume II
A. Ride To Die
B. Viet Kong