BLK OPS – CAVE BASTARD Tracks From Accident Prone Records Split LP Streaming; Preorders Posted


Accident Prone Records has issued new tracks from BLK OPS and CAVE BASTARD, both of which hail from the crushing new split LP between both terrorizing acts approaching release in August.

Austin, Texas-based BLK OPS presents the lead song on the LP, “Hallucinogenic Bomb Vest,” offering of the song, “‘Hallucinogenic Bomb Vest’ is our vision of changing the world through psychedelic ‘terrorism.’ Our fucked up world needs a mental reset. Mass dose for a better tomorrow.”

From the flipside of the record comes San Diego, California’s CAVE BASTARD with their “Violent Perpetuator,” reporting that the track was, “inspired by the long history of perpetual violence of what we call ‘civilization.’ Eventually, tyrants rise to power and further suppress the masses until the collective anger boils over and an insurrection ensues, overthrowing the ‘master class.’ The lyrics are a reminder that humans have changed little over thousands of years of ‘civilization,’ and that power still remains with us, and we are the true masters of our own destinies.”

Unload BLK OPS’ “Hallucinogenic Bomb Vest” and CAVE BASTARD’s “Violent Perpetuator” at THIS LOCATION.

The BLK OPS / CAVE BASTARD split LP features more than twenty-five minutes of purely devastating grinding, explosive and experimental mayhem from two top-tier underground acts, with four tracks by BLK OPS on the A-Side and four tracks from CAVE BASTARD on Side B. Enshrouded with cover art by Varises Otak, the record will see an initial LP run of 300 copies – 200 on black vinyl and 100 on blue/orange vinyl – as well as all digital platforms on August 25th.

Preorders have been issued at the label’s webstore HERE and Bandcamp HERE.

Midnite Collective has plotted a nine-city tour through the Southwestern US states from August 24th through September 1st, with CAVE BASTARD on all dates and BLK OPS joining in on four of the shows. The confirmed dates include shows in Tucson, El Paso, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Lubbock, Albuquerque, Phoenix, and Moreno Valley, with additional live actions from both bands to be announced.

8/24/2017 Flycatcher – Tucson, AZ *
8/25/2017 Rockhouse Bar & Grill – El Paso, TX *
8/26/2017 Faust Tavern – San Antonio, TX #
8/27/2017 The Lost Well – Austin, TX #
8/28/2017 Reno’s Chop Shop – Dallas, TX #
8/29/2017 Backstage – Lubbock, TX #
8/30/2017 Sunshine Theater – Albuquerque, NM *
8/31/2017 Masters Chambers – Phoenix, AZ *
9/01/2017 Omniscient Fest Vol. II – Moreno Valley, CA *

BLK OPS formed from the magma of the Austin, Texas metal scene in late 2015, comprised of Champ Morgan (ex-Kill The Client) on vocals, noise, and theremin, Mark Key on guitars and backing vocals, and Neil Barrett on drums, samples, and live visuals. Forging a path to a terrifying new sonic landscape drawing from noise metal, doom, grind, and otherworldly audiovisual hallucinations, the trio has already shared bills with the likes of High on Fire, Full Of Hell, The Body, Cattle Decapitation, Infest, Sumac, Yautja, and Magrudergrind. BLK OPS’ side of the record was recorded and mixed by Travis Bonner (Venomous Maximus, Ancient VVisdom).

From beneath the slabs of the subterranean suburbs of San Diego emerges society’s scum: CAVE BASTARD. Heavy, apocalyptic, and loud, the band was formed in 2014 by Troy Oftedal (ex-Cattle Decapitation, Piglife) and Nick Padron (ex-Bridge Jumper) out of a love for everything heavy and loud. They proceeded to search out the rest of the bastards needed to execute their vision of sonic devastation, soon adding rhythm guitarist Chase Ferguson (ex-Bridge Jumper), vocalist Steve Pearce (Gutrot, Ritual Torture), and drummer Steven Reed (Age Of Collapse). The band began writing and honing their tone creating a massively destructive soundscape in preparation for the coming of The Bastard. CAVE BASTARD‘s side of the split was recorded in San Diego at Audio Design, engineered and mixed by Billy Anderson and assistant engineer Jordan Andreen, produced by the band and Billy Anderson, and mastered at Trakworx by Justin Weiss.

BLK OPS COMBO_BLANK [photo by Necroblanca Photography][BLK OPS by Necroblanca Photography]