BLIGHT HOUSE: “Florida Man Hails Satan” Premiered By Toilet Ov Hell; Blight The Way Album From Rhode Island Death Duo Sees Release Next Week On Syrup Moose Records

by Doc Darkwood

“Florida Man Hails Satan” is the new smash hit from Charlestown, Rhode Island’s demented grind/death sect BLIGHT HOUSE. The track precedes the band’s Blight The Way full-length, out next week on Syrup Moose Records.

Since 2014, BLIGHT HOUSE worked under a malaise of dementia born of illness and isolation. The very name of the band is an homage to this. Yet as the rest of the world was forced into these same conditions, BLIGHT HOUSE experienced heretofore unknown heights of vitality thanks to their new regime of locally sourced Adrenochrome infusions. After setting fire to their enormous collection of horror VHS tapes and stepping outside of their basement for the first time in nearly a decade, the duo of Frank Lloyd Blight and Frank Owen Gorey set to work on their third full-length, Blight The Way.

Blight The Way expands on the themes of love, desire, intimacy, and completely unhinged, incomprehensible derangement introduced on their previous material. While many metal bands speak the unspeakable, BLIGHT HOUSE continues to show that they can do better still. From lecherous perspectives on cryptozoology to deconstructions of undead family planning, the band thinks the unthinkable and delivers it as a sloppy pile of gurgling, shrieking, slamming, and grinding death metal guaranteed to nauseate. When BLIGHT HOUSE promises “gross death metal,” they are not bluffing. Blight The Way is a truly nasty piece of work, and it delivers the gross from start to finish.

Recorded at Great Swamp, the record’s ten tracks see BLIGHT HOUSE’s Frank Lloyd Blight handling all vocals and Frank Owen Gorey handling all instruments and recording duties, with mastering handled by Mark Alan Miller at Sonelab, cover art and logo by Misha Mono, and photography by Doc Darkwood. The duo is also joined by Ron Varod (Sabbath Assembly, Zvi) who provides additional lead guitar on “Too Ugly To Live, Too Dumb To Die,” and additional vocals by Glumi UwUhammer on “Too Ugly To Live, Too Dumb To Die” and “Acephalophilia III.

A recent transmission from the BLIGHT HOUSE manor reads, “We think of ourselves as people who understand the most ostentatiously grim and idiosyncratically evil aspects of human nature, but when it comes to Florida, even we’re at a loss. To be honest, we’ve never been to Florida. We’re from Rhode Island. We have disgusting, bug-infested coastal swamps full of forgotten corpses at home, and we want nothing to do with whatever hell-portal Florida sits atop of. Unless you’re asking for tax purposes, in which case the truth is that we live there for more than six months of the year.”

Toilet Ov Hell writes in part, “A comedic twist is nothing without good music, though, and BLIGHT HOUSE knows it. This song is a solid mid-tempo heater driven with some clanky-ass D-beat-adjacent beats and some chunky riffs that somehow both sound dry and smeared in rotting milk. The vocals tie the whole thing together with equal parts rasp and gurgle, making the whole product sound appropriately like it just emerged from the bog and clattered its way into Tampa. It all sounds almost as unhinged as Florida Man himself. Almost.”

BLIGHT HOUSE’s steamy “Florida Man Hails Satan” is being broadcasted via Toilet Ov Hell now from THIS LOCATION.

Blight The Way will be available on August 4th. As with all Syrup Moose releases, the physical release will have an accompanying Tarot card and cassette release. Find preorders where “Cryptid Cutie” and “Too Ugly To Live, Too Dumb To Die” are streaming HERE.