BLEACH EVERYTHING Drops Surprise Halloween Single, “Fix Your Heart Or Die;” New LP Due In 2022

photos by Veronika Reinert

Like a razorblade in your candy apple, BLEACH EVERYTHING drops a cut for Halloween, with the surprise release of “Fix Your Heart Or Die.”

With vocals recorded by vocalist Brent Eyestone at Tracking, the instruments for “Fix Your Heart Or Die” were recorded by Ricky Olson at The Ward where the single was mixed, after which it was mastered by Bryan Walthall at Stereoimage, and completed with photography by Veronika Reinert and art by Eyestone.

Writes Eyestone of the track, “‘Fix Your Heart Or Die’ is somewhat of a mirror to the urgency of purpose many individuals were forced to find, confront, or outright reject once the world involuntarily turned on its head. It’s been something else watching friends and loved ones go through that process toward greater senses of purpose or stop looking at their ‘someday’ lists long-term in favor of chasing it all down in present tense.

“Meanwhile, the shift has all been atop a backdrop of far more death than many of us have ever experienced in our lives. In some ways, it ends up making the joyous moments and instances of real connection even brighter and more vivid than ever realized before. Outside of the music itself reflecting such a shift, it is also represented through a completely different visual color palette for us, utilizing an absurdly bright yellow and even a swatch of pink for the very first time. We traditionally use muted, stark colors on all our visuals. Prior to ‘Bound/Cured’ earlier this year, the music and vocal ideas matched those darker and starker aesthetics one to one. But just as the world itself is clearly a dynamic, evolutionary force, so goes the band. We feel it’s paramount to have those shifts reflected as we continue from year to year and release to release.”

Stream BLEACH EVERYTHING’s “Fix Your Heart Or Die” now at Bandcamp RIGHT HERE and via all digital providers.

Also see the band’s recent videos for “Bound” HERE and “Cured” HERE.

Watch for details on BLEACH EVERYTHING’s impending second LP and multiple other upcoming recordings to post over the months ahead.