BLACK WIZARD: Heavy Blog Is Heavy Unveils “Livin’ Oblivion” Video From Vancouver Heavy Metal/Sludge Titans

Vancouver heavy metal/sludge titans BLACK WIZARD are pleased to unveil their new video for “Livin’ Oblivion,” the title track of their latest full-length, out now on Listenable Records.

“Livin’ Oblivion” was filmed and edited by Willow Gamberg of Stone Mountain Films with color treatment by Rob Zawistowski of RZ Cinematography. Heavy Blog Is Heavy is currently hosting the premiere of the performance clip noting, “You ever yearn for the return of the sludge scene from the late 2000s where BaronessBlue Album and Mastodon’s Blood Mountain were the prevailing style before the arena rock vibes took over? Look no further than Vancouver natives BLACK WIZARD, who are working diligently to keep that flame alive, bridging classic rock like Thin Lizzy with modern stoner metal tones in a way that we just haven’t been hearing in the past year to such a degree of success.”

View “Livin’ Oblivion” via Heavy Blog Is Heavy at THIS LOCATION.

Stream BLACK WIZARD’s Livin’ Oblivion in its entirety below.

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Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, BLACK WIZARD was forged in 2009 between high school friends. Founding members vocalist/guitarist Adam Grant and drummer Eugene Parkomenko worked underwhelming construction jobs at the time, passing the days to the sounds of Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, Witch, and Electric Wizard. Today, Parkomenko and Grant are accompanied by guitarist Danny Stokes and basisst Evan Joel. Having followed a true DIY aesthetic, the band has released three full-length LPs along with a 7″ single independently and sold over five thousand copies worldwide. In classic WIZ fashion, latest studio recording Livin’ Oblivion has evolved from their previous efforts boasting a bigger, heavier, sharper, and louder approach than ever before. Faster thrash elements have been added, while staying true to that sultry, Thin Lizzy-esque twin lead vibe throughout.

Livin’ Oblivion centers itself on the obliteration or slow decay of one’s self, morals, and life as we know it. “We are living in an age where the powers of the world are taking steps backwards and moving away from a positive future,” elaborates the band. “There’s a large number of disenfranchised youth and young adults who would rather live their lives in oblivion – drinking, drugs, partying etc. – than chasing any kind of future or dreams, simply because the rest of the world seems to be falling apart around them.”

“…a hard-hitting, late ’70s heavy metal concoction of Thin Lizzy-style double lead guitar harmonic assaults alongside the elemental proto-thrash of Celtic Frost, played in the supercharged vein of High On Fire and rounded off with some satisfying ’70s Sabbathy swing…” – Team Rock

“The title track is a solid mid-tempo stomp that successfully grafts a couple mid-tempo thrash riffs onto some classic doom (think Trouble, Candlemass et al.). In stark contrast, ‘Portraits’ thrashes and burns like vintage Razor or maybe even pimple-faced Metallica. You get the distinct feeling that these guys worship the ’80s more than the ‘stoner doom’ stylings of recent years – and the result is quite refreshing.” — Hellbound

“…a doozy. Already one of the Lower Mainland’s best metal bands, the boys have outdone themselves with this release… BLACK WIZARD pays tribute to some of the greats, right the way from Black Sabbath through the Scorpions and Metallica up to the present day. That mixture of influences prevents the album from growing stale at any point. Whatever genre the BLACK WIZARD boys channel on a particular track, they manage to make it truly their own.” — Vancity Rockers

“…an impactful record, one which presents more than just music to hear. BLACK WIZARD creates a truly personal record, one which shines a dark sheen over the impressively formulated dark-thrash magic. A must listen for any fan of metal.” — Metal Assault

“…Livin’ Oblivion takes the stoner metal roots and expands into a much more natural and modern context.” — Exclaim

BLACK WIZARD have crafted a major league release in great service to heavy metal, stoner doom and speed metal alike.” — Grizzly Butts