BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS: German Sludge Outfit’s Third LP Oozes Towards Release

Hailing from the German city of Mannheim, sludge devastators BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS, having recently signed with Exile On Mainstream, are preparing for the release of their upcoming third full-length Negative Black.

Recorded in the Winter of 2011 and twisted into shape at the mighty Tonmeisterei Studio, Negative Black — an album four years in the making — marks a new step for BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS, carving a path into their foreseeable future. The album has been eagerly awaited by BSON‘s diehard cult fanbase and underground doom/sludge aficionados since the release of their bruising 2008-released Microbarome Meetings 2xLP. While the outfit already bears the reputation for unfurling some of the most destructive but still coherently-flowing sludge metal available, incorporating outside elements of crust, black metal and ambient/soundscape persuasion at times, Negative Black surges to even deeper caverns of auditory obliteration, pummeling you with painfully slow doom and finishing you off with acrid, harsh drones, and giving down-tempo a whole new meaning.

BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS shall release Negative Black in North America on June 5th Anno Domini, the beast surging with nearly eighty minutes of material over seven supremely suffocating hymns. It will be made available to fans on CD in a matte-varnished 6-panel digifile, a 2xLP format with inside/out printed gatefold cover, and deluxe digital download.

Negative Black CD Track Listing:
1. Illinois
2. 400H
3. 60 WV
4. 10000 µF
5. 14d
6. RMS
7. Neg. Black

Negative Black 2xLP Track Listing:
Side A
1. Illinois
2. 400H
3. 60 WV
Side B
1. 10000 µF
Side C
1. 14d
2. RMS
Side D
1. Neg. Black

BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS have been utilizing the D.I.Y. methods the members adopted from their various punk/hardcore backgrounds, and have toured throughout Europe since their 2005 inception, including appearances at Roadburn, Trashfest, South Of Mainstream, Dawn Of Doom, Doom Shall Rise and other renowned festivals. With a German tour confirmed for the month of April in support of Negative Black, many more live actions for the band will be announced sporadically over the coming months.

BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS German Tour April 2012:
4/14/2012 Immerhin – Würzburg, Germany w/ Conan, Obelyskkh
4/15/2012 Kult41 – Bonn, Germany w/ Wall
4/16/2012 Jubez – Karlsruh, Germany
4/17/2012 KV – Nürnberg, Germany
4/18/2012 UT Connewitz – Leipzig, Germany
4/19/2012 Red Rooster – Berlin, Germany
4/20/2012 Chemiefabrik – Dresden, Germany
4/21/2012 Nexus – Braunschweig, Germany w/ Beehoover