BLACK ARMY JACKET: Magic Bullet Records To Digitally Reissue 222 And Closed Casket Albums By Infamous Powerviolence Unit

Black Army Jacket 3

Magic Bullet Records prepares to plunder 2017 with a massive supply of brand new priority titles, as well as a list of killer reissues in celebration of the label’s 20th anniversary. The first releases of the year-long gala have been announced as the label prepares to officially re-unleash BLACK ARMY JACKET 222 album and Closed Casket compilation album on streaming and digital platforms.

New York City’s BLACK ARMY JACKET was one of the key players in the powerviolence movement of the 1990s. Featuring musicians that have played in such bands as Discordance Axis, Hope Collapse, Human Remains, Municipal Waste, and many more, BLACK ARMY JACKET specialized in a unique strain of grinding hardcore that was as memorable as it was relentless.

Notably, BLACK ARMY JACKET was one of the earliest bands in the playing career of drummer Dave Witte. Having done time in Human Remains and Discordance Axis (among others) leading into BLACK ARMY JACKET, Witte went on to play in many more notable bands within the genre and beyond, including Municipal Waste, Publicist UK, Brain Tentacles, and Burnt By The Sun. Guitarist Andrew Orlando was the figurehead behind Reservoir Records, a label of the same era that represented like-minded talent such as Spazz, Jesuit, C.R., and Noothgrush.

222 is the proper BLACK ARMY JACKET full-length, originally recorded and released in 1999. Here, all sixteen tracks have now been remixed and remastered from their original tapes for maximum eardrum indulgence and abuse. Additionally, two previously unheard bonus tracks recorded at the same time as the album are now included in the program.

Closed Casket is a fifty-song effort in collecting BLACK ARMY JACKET‘s various cassettes, 7″s, and splits in one convenient spot. The material included is culled from the band’s self-titled, self-released cassette (1996), split with Spazz (1997), split with Corrupted (1997), split with Noothgrush, (1997), and The Path Of Two Swords As One 7″ (1998).

Both 222 and Closed Casket will see release on all digital platforms through Magic Bullet Records appropriately on February 22nd.


222 Reissue Track Listing:
1. Meow Meow Meow
2. Lightswitch
3. Multimedia Infantilization
4. Primitive Crawl
5. Saccadic Eye Movements
6. Distance
7. When I Can’t See You, Are You There?
8. Of Competing Importance
9. DANTAM (Bonus Track)
10. Lying Between The Tigris And The Euphrates (Bonus Track)
11. Empire Of Tears
12. Dripping
13. I Object
14. Sera
15. U68
16. Deathache
17. I’ve Seen You Completely
18. Olive Branch

BLACK ARMY JACKET Closed Casket cover

Closed Casket Reissue Track Listing:
1. Vindictive
2. Pathogen
3. Old Habits
4. The End Of Dreams
5. Uncomfortable
6. Peering From A Bandaged Face
7. The Power And The Plan
8. Lord Of Murder
9. Cup Of Many Lands
10. Untitled (18:18 Compilation Track)
11. 222 Part II 1998
12. Avalanche Rapids
13. Pugilistic Attitude
14. Lying Between The Tigris And The Euphrates
15. Beast
16. S.O.C.M.
17. Blood From A Stone
18. Galactus
19. 222 Part II
20. Dog Teeth
21. Without Law
22. …Sometimes…
23. Your Pitiful Existence
24. King Of The Hill
25. Night Drive
26. Crane
27. Snort
28. Dantam
29. Covered By Snow
30. I’ve Lived On What I’ve Stolen And Hoped Inside A Lie
31. Slaves Of Destruction
32. I Heard
33. Jaws
34. Genma
35. The Shake
36. ALH84001
37. Palden Gyatso
38. Make It Stop!
39. Sudden Life
40. Parliament Of Rooks
41. Fire In The Universe
42. Impastor
43. Make It Stop! Make It Stop!
44. Corpselawimage
45. Pretenders To The Throne
46. Look At What I Can Do!
47. Alpha Male
48. Salt
49. The Simplest Solution
50. Greedy Bastard