BEIGE EAGLE BOYS: Cvlt Nation Now Playing Entire Reptilian Records Debut LP From Detroit Trio

Detroit-based noise/scum metal madmen the BEIGE EAGLE BOYS today unashamedly drop their debut LP, You’re Gonna Get Yours, via East Coast noise rock/metal aficionados, Reptilian Records.

Stuffing ten ballsy, abrasive tracks into twenty-five minutes, You’re Gonna Get Yours is a crushing introduction to the BEIGE EAGLE BOYS‘ rampant blend of bent riffs and a maniacal triple-vocal attack, at times the album fully enraged and volatile, others more drunkenly choral and full of busted-up melodies, and sometimes just plain fucked-up in all directions. Consuming You’re Gonna Get Yours is like taking a blindfolded swan dive into a pool half-filled with rusted scrap metal and sewage and all ladders removed; once you are immersed there’s no getting free, so you might as well suck it up and backstroke through the melee until the bitter end, when the album closes down with the filthily deconstructed rendition of Don Henley’s ’80s pop hit “Dirty Laundry,” which is guaranteed to make at least a few of you soil your drawers.

Cvlt Nation has racked up the entire You’re Gonna Get Yours LP for public intoxication; get bent to the bluesy atrociousness now AT THIS LOCATION.

A video for the record’s opening head-cracker “I Saw Your Face On The Pavement” is also playing RIGHT HERE.

Orders for You’re Gonna Get Yours on LP, CD and digital delivery can be placed direct through Reptilian Records HERE.

Detroit’s BEIGE EAGLE BOYS throws the rock gears into a mid-nineties noise rock reverse, gargling nuts and bolts and gravel and then flossing with guitar strings left over in Tom Hazelmeyer’s garage. On the trio’s debut album, You’re Gonna Get Yours, they blast out a quick and potent Rust Belt racket with all three gents hollering. Every studio meter red-lined, every tube amp threatened with exhaustion, all three larynxes threatened with whatever the hell happens to larynxes after this kind of abuse through ten songs done the right kind of wrong way.