BEDTIMEMAGIC: Boston Noise Rock Duo Issues “Long Kiss Goodnight” Kid Taco Remix; Pillow Talk LP Out Now Via Nefarious Industries

Boston’s writhing duo BEDTIMEMAGIC has posted a remix of “Long Kiss Goodnight,” one of the gnarled tracks found on the band’s newest LP, Pillow Talk, which saw release through Nefarious Industries in November.

With a stripped-down and high-energy delivery, the gruesome twosome BEDTIMEMAGIC produces thundering noise rock-influenced grime-pop thunder reminiscent of the gnarlier acts of the Sub Pop and Amphetamine Reptile rosters. With Nicholas Pentabona on bass and vocals, and Morgan Berns on drums, vocals, and pedal organ, BEDTIMEMAGIC‘s grooves explode on Pillow Talk, having sanctioned the talents of Andrew Schneider (Cave In, Daughters, Unsane) to produce and mix the album and adequately corral their tonal obliteration, after which the tracks were mastered by Carl Saff (Child Bite, Fu Manchu, Fifteen).

Following the LP’s release, the band secured the talents of local avant-garde EDM artist Kid Taco, who remixed the track “Long Kiss Goodnight.” With the elements of the original blazing through in high contrast, the remix presents a heavily reimagined approach to the entire song.

Hear and acquire the Kid Taco remix of BEDTIMEMAGIC’s “Long Kiss Goodnight” at THIS LOCATION.

Writes the band’s Nicholas Pentabona on the remix, “I am notorious at the soda fountain. Can never decide what drink to have. When those machines came out where you could make any soda flavor by pushing buttons on a touch screen, my world was flipped upside down. Suddenly the rest of the population could understand my desires, my predilections, my needs. All the tastes. Not just some of the tastes, but all of the tastes. This would be the way that a beverage is made. Rainbow, in the eyes of Ronnie James Dio, would be the answer to all prayers everywhere. Flash forward to 2019. It was a year that will live in infamy, a year that punished both the collective soul and the collective spirit. Nothing escaped the pain of such a calendar year.365 days of suffering. But then Jonny Jimenez Jr, aka Kid Taco, popped his head around the corner from Burlington, Massachusetts and rested those long, succulent fingers of freedom down on the great LP of Pillowy Discussion. He popped the top off of the fountain machine, gargled the insides of all our hearts, and spit out a new rainbow track worthy of Dio’s kind ears. A remix so pure, so full of Run DMC and Godflesh… the ever-balding songman is looking down from Heaven — or maybe up from Hell — with a Mountain-Dew-Dr.-Pepper-Hawaiian-Punch tear in his eye.”

Pillow Talk is available on LP and all digital platforms through Nefarious Industries via the label webshop HERE.

Following several bursts of touring and one-off shows surrounding the album’s release, BEDTIMEMAGIC is currently booking new gigs for the months ahead. The band plays Manchester with Grizzlor, wKeah, and more on January 24th, and Cambridge with Nefarious kin Oxx and Machinist! on March 30th, with much more about to be confirmed and announced in the coming weeks.

1/24/2020 The Uke – Manchester, NH w/ Grizzlor, wKeah, Black Hatch, Cyttorak
3/30/2020 Charlie’s Kitchen – Cambridge, MA w/ Oxx, Machinist!

It’s been well-established that duos can make a lot of noise. Hell, label Nefarious Industries is a bit of a hotbed for them. Cinema Cinema, A Fucking Elephant, Dying Whale, Fuck Your Birthday, and Bangladeafy all share a home with BEDTIMEMAGICBEDTIMEMAGIC shout and strum akin to the best of Amp Rep and Sub Pop.” – Decibel Magazine

“…you might not realize it’s only two people from listening to them. Nicholas makes his distorted bass sound like a bass and a guitar all at once, and the two of them have a sound that’s louder than some five-piece bands.” – BrooklynVegan

“These songs aren’t just kicking around out in the void for the heck of it – BEDTIMEMAGIC have instead delivered a real and powerful exploration of these noisy, chaotic spaces, and the result is a clearly thrilling album. 5/5″ – Captured Howls

“Pillow Talk is nefarious on tape as it could be live. These songs take on a life of their own that goes beyond simple Big Black name calling. They will transform in your mind. I guarantee that when you go back, it will not be the same.” – Selective Memory

“…the major point of “Hey, jerk-off this is different” comes as BEDTIMEMAGIC benefit from fantastic production, juicing the bass without going mathcore-synthetic and cranking the levels just enough that the mix continuously threatens to collapse under the weight created.” – Grizzly Butts