BANGLADEAFY: Nutbag NYC Duo Opens The Briefcase; New EP Out Now And Streaming At Decibel

The Briefcase, the freshly opened pleasure pack from fully unchained and possibly somewhat insane prog/metal/punk dueling whackos BANGLADEAFY, is out this week via Nefarious Industries. Generally instrumental, all chaotic, BANGLADEAFY‘s output is powered mostly by fingerbanging bass riffery and earthmoving drumwork, and their most recent proof of this perplexing prowess pumps into the public this week with The Briefcase, an engaging six-song EP that lays out the band’s most proficient display of face-melting jam-blast mayhem yet.

BANGLADEAFY‘s moniker fuses the Bangladeshi origins of drummer Atif Haq with the physical impairment of bassist/pianist/vocalist Jon Ehlers — the multi-instrumentalist having been born with sensio-neural hearing loss, alongside his two sisters. Disability aside, the intensely technical and somehow still laid-back basslines this musical assassin drops will floor critics and fans alike paired with is cohort’s jacked-up percussive attack, recorded at Pancake Studios in Park Slope, Brooklyn by recording engineer Jonathan Vergara, the drums recorded by Mike Gatto. The equally intriguing cover art includes a sculpture created by deviant artist Andrea Falaschi, inspiring the question, “what is all that crazy shit in The Briefcase?”

Today Decibel Magazine wants to whack your fuckin’ head around with a full dose of whatever came out of The Briefcase, so get rid of your helmet, smoke a fatty, punch a baby, or do whatever it is you need to get nuts, and dive blindly into the mess over at the Deciblog RIGHT HERE.

With more tour plans continually being devised, the BANGLADEAFY local chaos is expanding, with new shows into the Northeastern US now locked and more ill shit currently in the works behind the scenes.

The Briefcase‘s contents can be purchased digitally for a few mere bucks at the BANGLADEAFY Bandcamp; stay tuned for info on the pending physical incarnation of the EP.

7/12/2013 The Wood Shop – Copiague, NY w/ Fall of the Albatross, Give Up The Goods, Moon Tooth, Necropia, Edenborn, Workhorse
7/18/2013 Death by Audio – Brooklyn, NY w/ The Netherlands, Gull, Hard Nips
7/19/2013 Grand Victory – Brooklyn, NY w/ Hannibal Montana, Moon Tooth, Pseudo Sentai
8/16/2013 TBA – Poughkeepsie, NY w/ Dead Empires
8/17/2013 Fart City – Westerly, RI w/ This Wretch In Me, Steadfast, Spinach
8/18/2013 TBA – New Haven, CT

Bangladeafy is one of the most original, and straight-up weird (we mean that as a compliment) acts we’ve heard in quite some time…” – MetalSucks

“…the musicianship takes center stage… Catchy parts morph into dissonant and technical sections followed by a jazzy interlude…” – Heavy Metal

“In the sea of derivative underground metal bands I watch perform each year, I’ll sometimes get lucky and find a band so organic, so unique, and so talented that it fills me with hope for the future of music. One such band I find myself promoting very often is Bangladeafy, a NY mostly-instrumental two piece that are as progressive as they are fun.” – Metal Injection