AURVANDIL and ISOLATION: Two New Titles From Eisenwald To Be Unleashed This July

Next month, German-based Eisenwald Recordings will unleash two new full-lengths. The first comes from French black metal project AURVANDIL and the second, from German blackened gloom rockers, ISOLATION.

AURVANDIL – Yearning : AURVANDIL was created in MMVI as a spontaneous, scornful, hatred-driven catharsis. Now the yonder beckons, and AURVANDIL yearns. For the eternal night; for solitude; for Gaïa. For total extinction! Heralding the Northern spirit once more, the debut album Yearning stands as a cold, harsh manifest of what once was, an ode to spite and a reflection of somber, melancholic hatred.

“Yearning is the debut album of this french project, this time supported by Wiedergänger on drums, which leads to perfection of the sound. A further development to the first Eisenwald installment ‘Ferd’ is to be heard clearly, but AURVANDIL remained true to himself. Compositions and sound breathe the spirit of the early ’90s, primarily mid-tempo black metal, with fast outbreaks and in contrast slow appearing parts as well as calm acustic passages with folk-influences. The rarely used vocals let the music speak for itself and keep the overall epic and dismal atmosphere.” — The Wanderer

Aurvandil – Strings, Voices, Craft
Wiedergaenger – Thunderous Scorn (Session)
Also appearing:
The Austrasian Goat – Chthonic pulse on “Prelude,” voices of Scorn

Includes artwork (cover and rear of booklet) by Sperber Illustrationen (Nagelfar, Lunar Aurora, Coldworld etc.)

ISOLATION – Closing A Circle: Five years after ISOLATION released their first demo, Striding On The Path Of Nihil, Eisenwald Tonschmiede finally presents their debut album. Appropriately titled Closing A Circle, the record, which was mixed and mastered at Studio Die Tonmeisterei (Long Distance Calling, Tephra, Omega Massif, etc.), marks the end of an era for the band. “Releasing our debut album was an important step to us and we wanted to make sure that we found our very own sound– so we took our time,” explains guitarist/vocalist Johannes Schmid. Musically, ISOLATION have been constantly evolving from the angry, chaotic, depressive black metal of Striding On The Path Of Nihil and the doomish second demo, A Prayer For The World To End, towards calmer more atmospheric regions, reaching its peak with the mesmerizing extensive riffing on Bleak.

ISOLATION in 2011 can generally be described as atmospheric, melancholic rock/metal with mostly clean singing tempered by occasional outbursts of harsh vocals. While hints of early black metal as exposed on their earlier offerings remain buried within their collective ambiance, it is indeed difficult to give ISOLATION‘s style a definitive label. “But that’s the beauty of it, isn’t it?”comments Schmid. “If we were that easy to categorize, we would have failed to develop our own sound in my eyes.”

Both AURVANDIL and ISOLATION will be released in the US (and rest of world) on July 11, 2011.