ATLANTEAN KODEX: New Album From Epic German Metal Outfit Underway

Germany’s ATLANTEAN KODEX have been hard at work over recent months, writing their sophomore full-length album, which at press time remains untitled. The follow-up to their heralded, incredible debut album, The Golden Bough is surely one of the most anticipated albums for fans of grand, epic and pure heavy metal.

Stated guitarist Manuel Trummer this week on the progress of the writing process: “The new album is slowly starting to take shape. So far we have around 30 minutes of all new, unreleased material. There won’t be any demo songs or older songs from previous releases on the album. Regarding the general direction, you can expect the same sound and atmosphere as on The Golden Bough. There won’t be any change in style whatsoever. The stuff we have written so far ranges from nice headbanging up-tempo anthems to some of the slowest and most epic stuff we have done… it’s safe to say that our key coordinates still are Into Glory Ride – era Manowar, Viking-era Bathory, arcane 80’s U.S. Metal served with a healthy dose of NWOBHM, folk and 70’s vibes. All regressive, all ATLANTEAN KODEX.”

ATLANTEAN KODEX will be focusing on the writing of this opus year until they are 100% sure the album is a worthy successor to The Golden Bough, being planned for release sometime in late 2012 or early 2013.

The Golden Bough, released by Italy’s Cruz Del Sur Music in 2010, took fans of the most epic classic, power and doom metal by surprise, reaping incredible acclaim from critics and publications of all caliber and from diehard fans of pure heavy metal worldwide, and closing out the year on countless year-end lists

Read Trummer’s full statement with much more detail on the album’s progress at Cruz Del Sur Music’s website here, and stay tuned for more details on the album to emerge through the coming year.