ATHENA XIX, Featuring Fabio Lione, Signs To Atomic Fire Records

Italian cult progressive metallers ATHENA are ready to write the next chapter of their career with their new label home, Atomic Fire Records. But that’s not all. The band, now known as ATHENA XIX, has also reunited with their founding frontman Fabio Lione (Turilli/Lione Rhapsody, Angra, ex-Rhapsody Of Fire, ex-Vision Divine).

“As nowadays there are many bands called ATHENA, we decided to add ‘XIX’ to our moniker. It fits perfectly because it was the year of the reunion of all the original members, when we started to collect and record all the ideas we had,” explains the singer.

Formed in 1991, ATHENA released their most successful album to date, A New Religion?, in 1998. The offering is still recognized and appropriately rewarded as the best prog metal album of an Italian band ever. After several lineup changes and a hiatus, the original band members finally reunited in 2019, writing new songs which will be released next year via Atomic Fire Records.

Atomic Fire Records A&R/founder Markus Wosgien comments, “When Fabio Lione reached out to tell us about the comeback of his ’90s band ATHENA alongside a new album, of course our interest was there immediately. Their sophomore album, A New Religion?, is nothing short of an outstanding prog metal record, but after its release, Fabio went through the roof with Rhapsody instead. Looking back at their three great albums, the second era of ATHENA is just about to begin with these new tunes that won’t only inspire fans of the band but also of acts such as Kamelot, Conception, and Angra. Fabio’s voice on ATHENA‘s new songs is a sheer revelation, and will make every metalhead’s heart beat faster.”

Fabio Lione adds, “I’ve known the people of Atomic Fire Records for many years. We were talking about other stuff when I suddenly asked them to listen to some demo versions of our new songs to simply get an opinion from them. But their reaction after checking those out was so positive that they quickly approached us in order to collaborate and even sign us. I really think we created something which people will talk a lot about, and Atomic Fire Records is the best team and label to work with. We’re really happy and proud to collaborate with them and I’m sure we’ll have some great surprises for all of you soon.”

About the musical direction of ATHENA XIX, Lione concludes, “It’s a massive evolution of our original sound. We touch many styles, and the result is very interesting, featuring a lot of details, ideas connected to the concept etc… I’m sure people will be surprised listening to these songs, and I really can’t think of any similar sounding band at the moment. If I had to describe our sound in just one word, I would say ‘unique.’”

Fabio Lione – vocals
Simone Pellegrini – guitars
Gabriele Guidi – keyboards
Alessio Sabella – bass
Matteo Amoroso – drums

Photo by Damiano Tarantino