ANCIENT VVISDOM: Burning Ambulance Premieres New Hymn From Occult Death Rock Alchemists; New Full-Length To See Release Via Magic Bullet Next Week

Burning Ambulance is currently hosting the official premiere of “Chaos Will Reign,” the second hymn from ANCIENT VVISDOM‘s forthcoming new full-length, Sacrificial.

Slated for release next week via Magic Bullet Records, ANCIENT VVISDOM‘s third long player continues to push the boundaries of both death rock and neo-folk while retaining the memorable simplicity and melodic catchiness present on their previous, critically-lauded offerings. Fusing all the prime qualities of the likes of Black Sabbath, Metallica, and Quicksand, into a wholly anthemic album of dark and light, each track comprising Sacrificial is hummable and infectious. Like the best practitioners in any field, founding vocalist Nathan Opposition and his brother Michael the Dark Angel make the execution sound easy while new addition Mitch Keith Morris wastes no time in channeling deep primitive and tribal percussive influences into the empowering sound that is unmistakably ANCIENT VVISDOM.

Relays Burning Ambulance, “[Sacrificial] takes the sound heard on 2011’s A Godlike Inferno and 2013’s Deathlike – acoustic occult folk, basically – and pumps up the heaviness somewhat. There’s still a lot of strumming and crooning, but there are a lot more full-on doom metal moments than ever before. It’s a solid record that finds the band playing to their strengths, while still exhibiting the kind of growth that keeps stagnation at bay.”

Adds Opposition of “Chaos Will Reign,” “Another light acoustic intro into our heaviest material to date. It’s our tribute to the great Bathory and Nordland II actually. I love that record. It’s heavy and melodic, rock ‘n’ roll and metal. My brother Michael came up with guitar parts about a year or so ago and the song has been developing ever since. The content is an apocalyptic philosophy. All life is in a state of decline. All things on this earth fall to disorder. This is the understanding and acceptance of entropy. Embracing that which will destroy us all. In the end chaos will reign.”

Delve into the sounds of “Chaos Will Reign,” now playing at THIS LOCATION

Sacrificial was produced by Opposition, engineered by Travis Bonner at The Diamond Factory Studios in Austin, mastered by Paul Logus (Anthrax, Clutch, Hellyeah, Shadows Fall et al) at Taloowa Mastering, and will come available CD and digitally on October 14th, 2014 and LP on October 28th, 2014 worldwide via Magic Bullet.