ANATOMY OF HABIT: Experimental Post-Punk/Doom Collective Releases Even If It Takes A Lifetime On Vinyl; Band To Support Christian Death Tonight In Chicago

Even If It Takes A Lifetime, the third full-length from Chicago-based experimental post-punk/doom metal collective ANATOMY OF HABIT, is finally available on vinyl!

Initially released in December on CD, cassette, and digitally, Even If It Takes A Lifetime is the first of two new albums ready to be unveiled to the public. ANATOMY OF HABIT – Alex Latus (guitar), Isidro Reyes (metal percussion), Skyler Rowe (drums), Mark Solotroff (vocals), and Sam Wagster (bass + lap steel) — recorded both offerings with Sanford Parker, shortly before the pandemic, with mixing (by Parker) and mastering (by Collin Jordan) carried out during the long shutdown. Along with the band’s core instrumentation, listeners will hear piano, organ, analog synth, and vibraphone woven into the songs.

Thematically, Even If It Takes A Lifetime continues Solotroff’s reflections on love and loss, the creative process, the abstracted and vanishing self, and a sense of absolute obliteration. The potentially nostalgic album title may allude to a sense of hope and may indicate that all is not lost, or at least it may point to an inner drive to keep pushing forward.

Claim your copy of Even If It Takes A Lifetime on vinyl today at THIS LOCATION.

Coinciding with the vinyl release of Even If It Takes A Lifetime, tonight, ANATOMY OF HABIT will support Christian Death at Reggies Music Joint in Chicago.

5/06/2022 Reggie Music Joint – Chicago, IL w/ Christian Death, Bellhead, Guest [info]

ANATOMY OF HABIT formed in Chicago in October 2008. Although the band has experienced significant changes since forming, this is their longest-standing and most prolific lineup. It’s no wonder that they’ve gelled the way they have. Rowe and Latus have known each other since they were teenagers, growing up in Indianapolis’ heavy music scene and playing together in the band Still. Rowe and Wagster have been creating a strong body of work together in the pastoral instrumental Mute Duo. Reyes and Solotroff are old friends who’ve played together in both BLOODYMINDED and The Fortieth Day, for many years. This deep connective tissue has contributed to consistently effortless writing sessions and solidly fused live performances.

The band incorporates elements of doom metal, post-punk, death-rock, early-industrial, psychedelic, and shoegaze. The band’s last album, Ciphers + Axioms, was released by Relapse Records. Once Even If It Takes A Lifetime completes its full cycle, the band intend to follow up with their next album, Black Openings.

“It picks up right where ANATOMY OF HABIT left off seven years ago, with Mark Solotroff’s gothy, sinister baritone leading the way over lurching, doomy instrumentals. If you’re unfamiliar with ANATOMY OF HABIT, fans of Swans, Daughters, and Nick Cave should check this out.” – BrooklynVegan

“…an immersive, meditative, slow-building storm…” – Decibel Magazine

“Still apocalyptically heavy and thoughtfully complex, ANATOMY OF HABIT’s lost time simply vanished. It’s 2013 again and I’m watching ANATOMY OF HABIT at the Cobra Lounge, completely leveling the place, my friends and I all damaging our necks and brains and minds to the swirling mass of volume.” – Invisible Oranges

“… one of the only sets of proportions between doom metal and post-punk that could make sense and end up working out successfully… a unique experience, and one that… should leave fans of both post-punk and doom satisfied.” — Nine Circles

“…a throbbing audio experience shrouded in cloudy electronic frequencies and harsh guitars. It might be unrelenting, but it deserves your time and patience.” — Scream Blast Repeat

Alex Latus – guitar
Isidro Reyes – metal percussion
Skyler Rowe – drums, vibraphone
Mark Solotroff – vocals, analog synth
Sam Wagster – bass, lap steel, piano, keyboard