ANAGNORISIS: Louisville Black Metal Outfit Entrenched In Pre-Production For New LP Due This Fall

ANAGNORISIS at Gilead Fest 2014 [photo by Mary Manchester]

Following a year of silence, Louisville, Kentucky-based black metal legion ANAGNORISIS announces the band’s triumphant return to action over recent months, as the band is currently heavily entrenched in the pre-production of their impending third album, and will be hitting the studio this weekend to begin the bulk of the actual recording stages.

ANAGNORISIS is currently more than two-thirds of the way through the pre-production of the next full-length chapter in their legacy, having finished all of the song structures and laid down most of the keys, guitars, and bass, and currently in the process of recording vocals. Joining the band for the recording sessions is drummer Cody McCody, also of Černá, Boreworm, and others, the ANAGNORISIS lineup currently completed with vocalist Zachary Kerr, keyboardist Samuel Hartman, guitarist Zak Denham, and bassist Josh Mumford.

This Friday, ANAGNORISIS will enter The Tracking Room Studios in Nashville (Megadeth, Deep Purple, King Crimson, Taylor Swift) to track the drums for the new album. The rest of the recording will be engineered by Denham at his home studio where the band recorded their acclaimed Beyond All Light LP. The new album will be completed over the next month for Fall 2016 release on LP and CD through Germany-based Vendetta Records, who has been responsible for titles from Thou, Funerary, Usnea, Abstracter, and many others, and on cassette through Yehonala in Europe and Like Young Records in the US.

ANAGNORISIS self-released their second album, Beyond All Light, in mid-2013, the album stampeding its way into top-tier media outlets. Stereogum called the record, “epic, melodic, technically flawless black metal that is somehow also brutal, raw, and kinetic: The whole thing is somehow equal parts Dissection and Nails,” – and even awarded the record the #19 slot in their 50 Best Metal Albums Of 2013 List – and Pitchfork proclaimed, “An album of massive builds, harsh climaxes, and ambitious track lengths, Beyond All Light necessitates a monstrous finale… Where other acts might break the momentum, ANAGNORISIS simply pile layers beneath the musical heap, with the rhythm section somehow growing ever a bit more malevolent.”

Stand by for updates on ANAGNORISIS in the coming weeks as their new album takes shape.