In an official update from Mories: “So, it’s been a while since I did some new DMV material. Migdal Bavel was released in 2009 but recorded somewhere 2008. I recorded 4 new tracks for a split (?) in Dec 2009/Jan 2010.One of the tracks from that session is up in the MySpace player. Those tracks are (more or less) a continuation of the Migdal Bavel sound.

So what do I do next? Well. I thought about going back to the old/original style I did with DMV (the free downloadable stuff) which seems quite popular (judging by the download counts) but i just started recording/composing and see where things will lead me.

And..well..O just can’t get the phrase ‘commercial suicide’ out of my head. Most DMV is real ‘like it or hate it’ stuff..the new tracks even more. It’s dark, brutal and fast but pretty much outside of every convention, rule, boundaries of metal music..or even music itself. I like it..i don’t know if other people will..and i don’t care (well maybe a little:)

I’m still in the middle of recording but right now it looks like to be a ‘concept’ EP/full-length with the working title: The Divine Antithesis. Split in three chapters. No idea when this album will be finished. You have been warned. — Mories”

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