ALTERBEAST Studio Update

Sacramento technical death metal legion ALTERBEAST have issued the following studio update:

“As some of you know, we have been finishing our debut record Immortal at Castle Ultimate Studios with Zack Ohren (Light This City, All Shall Perish, First Blood, Cattle Decapitation, Warbringer et al). Everything is almost complete and sounding amazing! All that’s left is mastering, which should be completed very soon. We cannot wait to share some new songs with you guys and to
unleash Immortal on you early next year via Unique Leader Records! Get stoked and hail Satan!”

Formed in 2011 under the working title Gary Busey Amber Alert (GBAA), ALTERBEAST combines influences from the likes of The Black Dahlia Murder, Necrophagist and Spawn of Possession with numerous classic death metal acts like Dissection and Morbid Angel into an infuriated expulsion of animosity. After a year of dedicated song-crafting, ALTERBEAST unleashed their first demo in 2012 and played countless shows opening for Deicide, Dying Fetus, Testament, Revocation, Exhumed, Severed Savior and many others. Their crushing live assaults combined with a DIY ethos quickly earned them a revered place within the local death metal community.

Slated for release in early 2014 via Unique Leader, Immortal will feature eight tracks of brutal, uncompromising death metal mastery!

Further ALTERBEAST developments to be announced in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.