ALGAION: Swedish Blackened Death Metallers To Release First Record In 13 Years

Swedish black metal trio ALGAION are pleased to unleash latest full-length entitled Exthros upon unsuspecting ears. Their first long player since 1997’s General Enmity, Exthros — Greek for “enemy” — offers an unrivaled blend of scathing blackened death metal with the alluring gloom that made ALGAION so intriguing in the first place. Featuring guitarist/vocalist/keyboardist Mathias Kamijo (ex-Pain, Morifade), vocalist Mårten Björkman (Arditi, ex-Octinomos) and drummer Robert Eng (Corporation 187, ex-Satanic Slaughter), Exthros will be released via Pulverised Records later this fall. Check out the video trailer here:

Exthros Track Listing:

01. Alpha
02. That Time Is Nigh
03. Theos Tou Aimatos
04. We Are The Enemy
05. The Last Of The Cursed Days
06. Nature Our Slave
07. Ruach Adversi
08. This Is Our Temple
09. Sign Of Evil Existence/ Era Of Satan Rising
10. House Of War
11. Omega