AKRIS: Psychedelic Sludge Duo Joins Domestic Genocide Records

Virginia-based psychedelic sludge sorcerers AKRIS recently joined forces with Domestic Genocide Records for the release of their forthcoming full-length debut. Recorded by Chris Kozlowski at Polar Bear Lair Studios in Middleton, Maryland, the offering is slated to drop later this Summer.

Comments vocalist/ bassist Helena Goldberg of the signing: “It’s incredibly gratifying to sign to a label that not only recognizes how hard we work for our music, but also supports our relentless pursuit of our passion. We are very excited to be working with domestic genocide for the release of our debut full length album and we plan on touring the United States over the course of this June and July.”

The story of AKRIS begins in the middle, on a fateful June night in 2011 when Goldberg met drummer Sam Lohman at a house show in Alexandria, Virginia. Goldberg had begun AKRIS three years prior, continuing the path she had blazed with her first band Aquila. An accomplished and classically trained pianist, Goldberg began playing bass while studying piano and composition at the Manhattan School of Music, graduating in 2008. Her Uncle and mentor, world renowned master musician and accomplished recording artist Charles Burnham, gave Goldberg her first bass and taught her improvisational skills. A deep knowledge of musical theory and composition mixed with a deep, near- gut wrenching adoration for heavy music is where AKRIS derives its sound. Powered by Earth and Sunn amps, Goldberg’s bass sound can only be matched by the sheer concentration of her vocals making for an avalanche of sonic severity. Drummer Sam Lohman began playing clubs since 1980 and has since performed with various bands including Sheer Terror, Dust Devils, Nimrod, Sikhara, Steve Mackay and the Radon Ensemble, Acid Mothers Temple, Sonic Suicide Squad, Matta Gawa with guitarist Ed Ricart and his solo noise project, 36. Two musicians from the same town but different worlds. Doomed to fail. Don’t even try. The first jam set the new course and a new AKRIS was forged.

Further AKRIS album details and tour dates to be issued in the coming weeks.